Underarm pit fat

  1. No matter what I do I cannot get rid of my underarm pit fat, I would love to wear strapless or even sleeveless tops for the summer but this fat makes me look really chunky and butch looking:sad:

    I'm so unhappy, does anyone out there have any solutions?
  2. I have the same issue!! It's so gross! I don't have any suggestions on how to get rid of it, but I'd sure love to hear some ideas, too. I've just given up on the idea of trying to wear sleeveless/strapless tops.:sad:
  3. Yeah, I hear ya girl...have you tried doing weight training to maybe tighten up that area? Actually no I take that back, because even when I was super skinny and working out like crazy I still kind of had this problem. I think I just decided not to wear too tight stuff up there...sorry couldn't be of more help.
  4. Sorry for seeming completely clueless, but do you mean the little triangular fold of flesh between the top of the boob and the inside of the top of the arm?

    If so, isn't that just a normal, feminine thing to have? Unless you're seriously underweight and/or flat chested, of course, and then, wouldn't you just have an empty fold of skin?!! :shrugs:

    Again, sorry if I'm being ignorant! :shame:
  5. I think going under the knife is the only way to get rid of the excess fat. I haven't heard of any exercise that works for that area! I have the same problem too and it sucks!
  6. aside from a little weights and lots of cardio there's nothing you can do about it.

    You could get that small area lipo'd. . . a small area like that would be very easy to do.
    Just make sure you do it in the winter, lipo causes quite a bit of swelling for 2-3 months . . .
  7. ^^ They lie to us in Nip Tuck ! Everyone looks perfect like a day after !

    And yeah, I have this fat too. I was self conscious before about it, but it doesn't seem to affect hotness factor to boys.. haha.
  8. It has nothing to do with being fat at all. It's the fit of the garment that causes that. It takes a LOT of shopping and trying on things before you find the right strapless garment to cover that area with out spilling out of it.

    If you simply can't find a garment that addresses this problem, then forget trying to follow this fad and go with garments with straps.

    Surgery just to fit into a fashion fad? That's obscene!:wtf:
  9. I don't think anyone suggested 'surgery to fit into a fashio fad'.

    sounds like she has an issue w/ it and if it makes her happy or would make her more confident that who cares?
  10. Thanks Swanky for your support.

    It does sap my confidence but its not really a fashion thing, its a me thing, I've got broad shoulders too and these lumps of fat make me look abit like a wrestler!

    I am thinking about surgery for sure :yes:
  11. Start doing arm workouts. use small weights like 5 pounds and going 2 sets of 20 and work your way up to 5 sets of 30. More reps is the key not more weight.
    these also work Home exercise and home exercise equipment programs
    [​IMG] you can use a chair for this.

    Push ups are great too.
  12. Chanelbaby, you need to do whatever makes you happy.
  13. Certainly reads that way.

    I don't get this whole "let's run to the surgeon because we don't like [whatever] about our bodies" mentality. Surgery is serious business. People can and do die under general anesthesia! To take that risk rather than simply learning to accept your body as it is makes no sense.

    All these idiotic shows like "Nip Tuck" or "Dr. 90210" just feed into women's insecurities and the "quick fix" option that they like to represent plastic surgery as being.....

    America has a self-image problem big time. It should be counselors dealing with these issues, not surgeons.
  14. You have your opinion, maybe you want to start a thread bashing plastic surgery patients and YOUR perception of them.

    She asked for help, we're giving our advice w/o judgment.
  15. I did offer a suggestion: try on lots of garments and if she couldn't find anything, forget the fad. Apparently that suggestion has been overlooked....

    You call it passing judgment, I call it expressing my opinion. If my opinion is strong and opinionated, then so be it. I'm not asking anyone to agree with me, but don't expect me to sit back and not say what's on my mind when that is why this is called a "discussion board."

    I know you've said you've had surgery, Swanky, and that's your business. I just don't happen to agree with it. Period. No one is bashing anyone here. Sorry you see it that way.