Underarm help please!

  1. Hi all, I am new here. This forum reminds me of another forum I was on a couple years ago called Luxuryfashion without all the cattiness, thank goodness.

    Anyways i have a problem with my underarms itching constantly. It started about a month ago. I have switched deodarants 4 times. I have gone without deodarant for a couple days (thank goodness it isnt summer). I have tried not shaving (ew) and also shaving everyday. Nothing works. I wonder if I am getting irritated by the aluminum. Anyone else ever have this problem?
  2. Can't say I have, but I'm wondering if perhaps the skin is highly irritated from something in your deodarants? Probably the best thing to do is ask a dermotoligist. (sp?) I'm also wondering if there is something new in your diet, your home, your clothes or something like that. Can't imagine why it would have just started a month ago. And it could perhaps be stress related? How about trying an unscented power for a few days and see if that helps?

    Oh, and we CAN get catty... but we have great Mods who slap us down if we get too far out of hand! :smile:

  3. Or maybe try those crystal sticks - it acts as a deoderant but it is actually a block of minerals/salts. Its good and odour free.

    Oh i know when my underarms get itchy I use that Prickly Heat Powder...the menthol is soothes the itching :biggrin:
  4. so when you stop using deodorant, your underarms still itch? Try stopping the deodorant for longer. If the itching continues, then it's probably not a deodorant causing it and you should see a dermatologist soon. Is there any rash or patch? It might be some skin infection or contact dermatitis or something different that a dermatologist can diagnose.
  5. Look into the crystal deodorant. I know Target sells them. If that doesn't work...what about detergent or fabric softeners? Change those too. Basically, anything that comes in contact with your underarm...soaps, perfumes. One by one, stop using that product and see if anything changes.
  6. Hmm I'll have to try those crystal things. I don't have a rash or anything, looks normal as always. I look like a monkey when I scratch my underarms all the time.
  7. try switching to dove. i used to get itchy there, i think it was a combo of shaving and drying deodorant. dove deodorant has moisturizers in it that keeps my skin from getting dry and itchy, plus their cucumber green tea scent is heavenly :smile:
  8. Plus also if you shave too hard it could cause razor burn, where applying deodorant/anti-persperant exacerbates the problem. I would try that natural crystal deodorant and skip Anti-persperant, which clogs up pores. ALso, if all else fails, see if waxing is a possible solution. Good luck! I hate it when my underarms itch too!
  9. Well it could also be your soap, but have you tried Toms? I used to have itchy underarms that ended up all red and stuff when I used Secret. You could identify whether it's the soap or the deodorant by stopping use of deodorant for a few days, like on a weekend or something.

    Also, I think switching soaps too often can trigger allergic reactions.
  10. Have you changed your washing powder recently? If I change my washing powder I always get a skin reaction, so it is a real pain if I find something that doesn't irritate and then the manufacturer changes their "recipe".
  11. I got a rash a few years back when I tried a new deoderant. I went to the dermatologist and - along with treatment - he told me to always use Ban. I can't remember why exactly, but for some reason that brand is recommended for anyone having these problems. It's the only brand I've used since, and I've never had another problem.
  12. I had the same problem a couple years ago. I went to the doctors and it had something to do with my deoderant causing my skin to be irritatd. They prescribed me some type of steroid cream and the itching went away.
  13. Same thing for me! I was kind of itchy, switched to Dove and never had another problem.
  14. Wow! I was just browsing the main page on tpf and saw your post. I have never posted in this section before. I have had a little itching before but I developed a huge lump under my arm! I'm pretty young so was a bit worried when this happened. I had been using Kiehl's all natural deodorant which I loved. I guess I thought because I paid more for it, it must be good (plus, it said "all natural").
    Anyway, I've done my research on aluminum in deodorants and I find that it's pretty scary. When I googled my issue I noticed that several women had the same issues and all thought that it had started because of a reaction to aluminum. I went to Whole Foods and purchased Tom's All Natural Deodorant. I have tried many different scents and now my friends have even started buying it. One of my friends turned all natural after going to a web site that stated toxicity levels in our favorite make ups/deodorants. My favorite Tom's is the roll on in Lemon Grass. Since using this deodorant I have not had an issue. Good Luck!
  15. Same problem here: Try ALMAY HYPOALLERGENIC clear gel, fragrance free - It worked for me!!!!!!!