Underappreciated bags

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  1. #1 May 17, 2016
    Last edited: May 17, 2016
    I'd like to purchase another LV, but I'm interested in some of the models that aren't as popular (newer or older). So I wanted to ask...what is your favorite underappreciated LV bag? It seems like the Neverfull, Speedy, Artsy, Delightful, etc. all get a lot of attention, but what bag do you love that you think isn't discussed a lot??

    For me, it's the Siracusa. I have it in the pm and adore it! Not too large, not too small.
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  2. Mine is the Sonatine in Monogram Canvas. It has the raspberry/red microfiber suede like lining that LV no longer offers or makes anymore.
  3. my Westminster GM. love everything about it; the pleating, the zipper pull, it's worry free and the size is perfect.
  4. For me it's the Soffi in damier azur - gorgeous bag! Wish I had known about it when it was available.
  5. Great thread!!

    For me it's the Verona MM (DE). I saw this bag and fell in love with it, it was my first LV item. It doesn't/didn't seem to be very popular and I have no idea why, I think it's gorgeous and I use mine every day.

    I think it's been discontinued now :sad:
  6. Yes, I've always admired this bag too! I'm surprised it was never more popular.
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  7. Mine is my Odeon PM. It doesn't seem to be very popular, but I love mine so much. For me, a crossbody bag should be all about ease. Here are the things I love:

    1. It lays flat to the body and is comfortable to wear.
    2. It has an exterior pocket for much needed items like keys and phone.
    3. It has a zipper top which makes accessing contents while the bag is on your body a breeze.
  8. Hoxton...very sad they got rid of the model. :crybaby:
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  9. Definitely the Mazarine!!! It's almost identical to the Siena (except it's made with the awesome Empreinte leather), but not as popular, which I don't understand why...
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  10. LVoe the Verona! It reminds me a lot of the Tivoli. Too bad they discontinued both...
  11. The bucket. It was never a popular bag when it was still in production and is even less so now that it is discontinued. But I still love it. I had to get three :sweatdrop:

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  12. Audacieuse. Polarizing because of the suede trim. But, it's basically the empreinte version of the Sully but with a crossbody/long strap option. It's one of my most favorite bags and one of the reasons why I look forward to the fall/winter months.
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  13. I heard the Noe is not exactly easy to find. I think that's pretty under rated. IMO.
  14. So glad to see your photo...I love the bucket too!! I have a mono and it actually fits so much and slips onto my shoulder so easily.

    I'm also adding the tuileries to the list. I love that bag but never saw anyone with it.
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  15. Thanks!!! I've always loved the bucket as it was the first bag that made me fall for LV! Too bad LV discontinued it, but I guess it didn't appeal to many...