1. Don't panic not a seedy thread

    I went to the supermarket to buy some bits & pieces and while I was there I wanted to pick up a few cans of larger for BF and a little bottle of champagne for me anyway got to the check out and I was refused them.

    I didn't have an ID to prove my age so I couldn't buy them.

    Don't forget guys I'm in the UK where the drinking age is 18 I'm 27!! ( I aslo don't think I've ever been asked for ID over here I've always looked older than my age)

    The woman on the check out was very apoligetic but I told her not to worry it's actually a good compliment LOL!!!
  2. LOL.

    My grandpa got carded once when he was in his late 40's. (He's still in amazing shape in his 60's). He kept the receipt in his wallet for a long time - it said "ID verified" on it. :smile:
  3. haha exactly its a compliment! i work on a checkout (just while im in uni) and people get SO offended even when theyre in their early 20's late TEENS! and its pathetic!
    infact my friend just told me about one girl who she ID'd before and the girl went, ID.! STATE!!! and she had it like but was only 18 anyway! grrrrr some people are pathetic!
  4. How nice but aggervating at the same time lol!
  5. I still get carded and Im 37..LMAO....I admit I kinda like it too..eh hem!
  6. It's frustrating for me because I get carded EVERYWHERE + people constantly tell me I look 16-18. I'm 26!

    I'll take it as a compliment in a few years, I guess....
  7. Aren't they supposed to card you if you look like you're under 35? Or is that just a Hawaii thing?

  8. not in the UK only if you look pretty young. Some places are getting a little stricter though they card you if you look under 21
  9. Me, too! I got carded this week! I was like :wtf:, my birthday was last Sat...I am 40!

    Of course, I loved it!
  10. i get that all the time. most recently i was in marks and spencers buying 1 large lasagne, 2 luxury creme brulees, pasta for lunch at work, 4 tins of dog food and a bottle of rose. i was in a rush and i was like "if i was underage would i not be buying cider or lambrini, i def would not be getting dog food and luxury creme brulees"!!!!!
    i was kinda mad.
  11. LOL!! I only wish that I got carded. I'm only 25, but I've never been carded for anything ... even when I actually was underage. Maybe I just look old! ... :p
  12. I get carded all the time and I'm 24! But people usually get surprised when they find out my age. Most of them say I look 17 :biggrin:
  13. I hate when you're sitting at a table with friends ordering drinks, and one gets carded and you don't. BF and I went to watch the Florida Gators game with friends at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago. My girlfriend orders a beer, and the server asks for her ID. I order a drink, and he doesn't flinch. I'm 25. Do I really look that old? :rolleyes: But at the same time, I have forgotten my ID and have not been carded, so I guess looking your age does come in handy.
  14. I'm 26 and get carded everywhere, especially if I'm with my sister (she's 28), people seem to think that because we are short (I'm 5'2 and I'm the tall one) that we must be ten years old, but our husbands never get carded.
  15. I get annoyed and offended when I'm carded. I don't take it as a compliment when someone thinks I'm a child. I'm a 31 year old woman, after all. I've been known to get rude with checkout people because of it. Yeah, yeah, they're just doing their jobs, but what makes it worse is when they card you and not the person before you...or after you. Or if they've waited on you previously or several times and they're still asking for an ID. I think in some cases they just want to be a pain in the a. This one old dude where I buy my alcohol explained to me that if they got caught selling alcohol to a minor, they'd get a $600 fine. But still: annoying. If I'm with my BF and we're both drinking, they tend to ask ONLY me for my ID. Then again, when he doesn't dye his hair he's gray around the temples, but still...why would they ID me if I'm with him? Like he'd be out drinking with a minor? Common sense should tell them that I'm old enough to drink also. It's not like I'm his daughter.