under your skirt???

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  1. what do you wear under a casual, flowy skirt???

    i hate the feeling of wearing a slip , but also don't want to be "exposed"

    do you wear shorts? what kind?

    i don't really like the feeling of spandex/lycra shorts...as it gets hotter, i hate the feeling of the lycra on my legs
  2. hmm.. i dont really wear anything underneath besides underwear.
  3. Because I am often chasing my kids around a park, I also like something so I am not totally exposed if I have to bend or lift or twist. I like satiny tap pants. For me, they are the adult alternative to wearing shorts under a dress, and they are short and flowy enough not to be too hot or restrictive.
  4. Boyshorts!
  5. I love those skirts and wear them a lot. I just wear underwear- but they are normally boy short styled. Mine all have a lining in addition to the skirt, so I really don't worry too much about flashing (lol!).
  6. Cute lacy underwear! But alas, that's what i always wear. (had to answer, cause i'm wearing a short pleated/flowy skirt now, hahaha)
  7. I wear boyshorts with skirts and dresses.
  8. just underwear, unless it's white, then I'll go with a slip. If I feel like I might be exposed, I'll just wear shorts instead.
  9. Just underwhere. Or spandex shorts, if it's a particularly windy day.
  10. Usually just panties, but sometimes a slip. I love slips; they're so old-fashioned and proper.
  11. Just undies for me too.
  12. Just underwear. If it's going to be see through without anything underneath I won't buy it.
  13. boyshorts!!!
  14. I wear knickers like this so i feel less naked!
  15. I rock the boyshorts under skirts and dresses as well. VS also sells shorts that are like underwear in their Angel's collection that are under sleepwear I think. Those would work as well because they're cut like underwear, but look like shorts so they're not as obvious.