1. So... after looking at pretty pics of celebreties and everyone on the forum with their Firsts and Cities, I got myself a First in Greige (Grey) today. I was looking for a nice neutral that I can carry for all occasions, from work to buying groceries on weekends. I am fairly petite (5' 3" but fine bones) and the City looked too big on me, so I decided on the First.

    I love the Greige – it is everything I wanted in a neutral, and I love the graininess of the leather and its feel and the way it hangs from the handles and shoulder strap. I have a warm skin tone and the Greige is in my palette of good colours. But... why does it look so bleah and ordinary on my arm? :sad:

    I tried on a few other Firsts in the shop – bleuet, rouille, cognac, truffle, rouge, and nothing looked as good on me as the Chloe paddington I got a couple of weeks back. But I went ahead and bought the Greige anyway because I wanted a BBag in my collection.

    I wonder if it has something to do with the shape. I read somewhere that the shape of our bags should be the opposite of our body shapes, and I am pretty much straight up and down without curves. The square-ness of the First maybe just does not go with me as well as something softer and curvier.

    I will still keep my BBag, but I was expecting to be much more excited, since it is my first BBag and I had built up so much anticipation for it. So disappointed :crybaby:
  2. Oh no.... :sad: You should post pics of you wearing it.... Maybe it's the size? Did you try on other sizes? I'm only 5'1" but I wear the First, City, and Work on different occasions, I love them all. But seriously, if you're not in :love: with it after a few days, you should consider returning it. Don't worry, you'll find "the one" soon :flowers:
  3. Oh no, I am sorry to hear that you aren't loving your bbag. It sounds gorgeous, though. Maybe just give it a little time and see how you feel. One great thing about bbags, you can turn around and sell them very easily, so you aren't stuck with it by any means. I would love to see pics of it, and of you carrying it. I bet it looks fantastic. Hope you find happiness either way!
  4. hatikuh...we posted at the same time saying almost the same thing...we bbaggers think alike huh *L*
  5. Post pics! I know the first time I tried ona b-bag a couple of years ago I was unimpressed, I think because it wasn't what I was expecting, but now I absolutely love the style! I am petite as well and I think the first is a great size! Give it a chance and take some photos of yourself wearing it and look at them and you will probably be pleasantly suprised, but I agree with hatikuh, if it doesn't grow on you in a few days return it and get something you LOVE.
  6. :yes::shame:
  7. I agree! Maybe give her a few days then if you still don't like her exchange her - poss for a purse, that's a little more femine. Also, post some pics here.

    It's interesting what you said about the bag should be the opposite to our body shape - I've never heard that.
  8. PS - I wonder if that's why i didn't like the stam bags - I'm really curvy.
  9. sad to hear that you don't love the bag...! :sad:

    I am petite too but I wear big bags and balenciagas are in the top of my list. Did you try the twiggy?
    Please post some pics and we will try to help!! ;)
  10. sometimes i feel like my bbags are like camelions.. sometimes i grab one to go out, and switch to another.. depending on my mood. i guess thats why we here have so many!! different shapes and sizes. I had a paddington, and i sold it.. found it did not suit me. too heavy. i love the lightness of the bbags.. even my marc jacob stellas feel too heavy now, and I loved those bags.. ebay here we come!
  11. Yes, please post a pic with you wearing it. I was always a 'Paddy satchel' gal before I got my first Bbag (a City). Since I was so used to the Paddy style, it took me a little bit of time (but not too long) to get used to the Bbag style. Put your 'stuff' in it and try it different ways (hand held, use strap, put handles over your shoulder) and play with it a bit. Congrats on obtaining the Greige though and the Day is such a cute and classic Bbag style to have chosen too.
  12. i have the same feeling about the first. i think twiggies probably look the best on me. i'm 5 3 and pretty un-curvy myself. the twiggy if rounder..
  13. Maybe it's the color? Perhaps you need a sleek sexy black bag or a b-bag with more color and pizzazz?
  14. wow, Roxane, all i can say is congrats on not developing the sickness yet :yes:...you deserve a medal for that & i wish i had your problem...i waited for 3 long years before buying my 1st b-bag & naturally thought i'd be happy with that...but, alas, i loved it so much that one wasn't enough :wtf:...so then i bought another & another & another...i think you should try out a different color & style...i think the 1st is too small for everyday & i've come to :heart: the bigger styles more (even though i'm a petite girl)...and of course, part of what makes b-bags so special is all the beautiful colors :tender:
  15. i'm totally with you! my stam is feeling mighty heavy these days and i haven't carried it in about 2 weeks. when i look at the bag i still love it but oof! so heavy! bbags are so light and there are so many variations and colors which is why i have (too) quickly fallen for them!
    i say try a different color and possible upgrade to a city...:yes: