"Under the radar" bags worth writing about

  1. I'm doing research on an article I'm writing on purses and am trying to find some brands that are a little off the beaten path. Some of you may know me as a big fan of lines like Kooba, Botkier, Bulga and Anna Corinna, but I'm also interested in focussing on other brands along these lines, or ones that are even more off the beaten path. I got some great names from an older thread: (Thanks Compass Rose and Passerby!)...


    But I'd also like to give some other unknowns a bit of press, so if you can think of any other brands that you absolutely adore and think deserve a mention, please share! :idea:
  2. Should be an interesting article! :smile: How about indie designers like Melanie Dizon, Carrie Valentine and Lesa Wallace? As usual, I've just been READING about them, can't say anything about seeing their bags in real life.




    Oh, and the Magnes Sisters ... read about most of these designers elsewhere.


    Can't remember if Kale handbags was mentioned.

  3. THANK YOU Passerby! You are a purse savant extraordinaire! :woohoo:

    Where do you read about these lines? That's fantastic. I'll go check these out right now. If anyone else has suggestions, please post! :dothewave:
  4. OMG! Passerby. These lines are all PERFECT for the story. I love that they're small lines that are really in need of some attention. Thanks again! :yes:
  5. I'm enjoying my ko.des convertible bag (which I learned about from someone on this forum) from Kate O'Riley in Brooklyn. I love the look and functionality of the style -- the option to wear it as a shoulder bag or to secure the shoulder strap beneath the bag to use it as a hand-held (or shoulder) bag.

  6. Would Stella McCartney be good -- or is she too "over the rader"? lol. I love her bags. She uses a lot of great materials.
  7. one of the magnes sisters lives in my apt. building
  8. MandM, long time no speak! How have you been, and have you finally gotten your laptop bag yet?

    creighbaby, did Ms Magnes carry one of her own clutches or handbags?
  9. Jenny Yuen has some really great bags. She was in Lucky magazine last year. I have the Gatsby weekender and i love it. Check out her site www.jennywashere.com
  10. Tabitha bags (UK designer)
  11. the magnes sisters clutch is so cute, and I love their story.
  12. I vote Be&D!