Under My Umbrella***Christine's Collection

  1. This is my second try at posting my collection - I hope I get it right this time. :shame:

    I love Louis Vuitton and got my first LV's as a teenager in the 80's. It's only in the last few years that I have become a hardcore addict. I love LV for their design and quality.

    So, what's under my umbrella? :graucho: Well, take a look!

    The Brown Family
    blue denim.jpg
    Blue Denim
    neo cabby acc.jpg
    Neo Cabby
    miroir twins.jpg
    Miroir Twins
    Lonely Onatah

    More pictures will follow....stay tuned!!
  2. Great Collection.
  3. lovely pieces!
  4. Pretty bags! Thanks for sharing!
  5. OMG wow beautiful collection and amazing pics, I love the way you set them out !! :smile:
  6. Beautiful collection! Love your miroir speedies, they are gorgeous!
  7. Here are some more pictures
    mc black.jpg Theda.jpg sunnies.jpg family shot.jpg
  8. And a small collection of Gucci and Dior
    gucci.jpg dior.jpg
  9. Thanks Kerri...I love them too:love:
  10. Thanks - my kids were the set stylists!
  11. awesome collection~!!
  12. love the mirrors! great collection!
  13. LVOE your bags!!
  14. Beautiful LV collection :tup:
  15. You have gorgeous collection!
    I love all of 'em, especially the theda and miroir bags.. :drool: