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  1. Hey ladies, im new to the forum & am already addicted!

    was wondering if you had any advice for me, i have really dark sunken in under eyes & are soo obvious in pics..any ideas how i can get rid of them?

    ive tried sooo many eye creams & consealer but still no luck..are there any temp no surgical methods of reducing the sunken look..im only 22yrs & i look like a stressed out mother of 10 lol

    thanks in advance
  2. I have the same problem - have always had, even in my childhood photos I have black under eyes or well, they're like a purple shade :wtf:

    I have tried all the light touch pens and hilighters (YSL) and they just dont work on me because the black area is rather quite large than just little darkening in eye corners. Right now I'm using Bobbi Brown's creamy conceler and it actually hides it very well :flowers:
    By the way my doctor said I have this problem because I have atopic skin type..?
  3. Are you getting enough sleep? Dark circles under your eyes can be from a sluggish liver, too. Not enough sleep is usually the reason. I used to get really dark circles under my eyes at your age, but after a two week visit at some friends' house where they (and consequently I) went to bed around 9pm, my dark circles had almost completely vanished.:yes:
  4. I've battled w/ dark under eyes all my life. It looks like someone punched both my eyes. It is due to genetics so nothing can fix it. I've tried every single concealer out in the market. The one that i found to work the best is the bobby brown concealer w/ the setting powder attached to it. It doesn't look cakey at all. I use a concealer brush to apply and lightly pat w/ my pinky finger.
  5. Dremgrlv that's the same stuff I'm using, it's the best :yes:

    I applied it today with brush after reading your post (this far I've only used my finger tips) and it worked even better, thanks for the tip :flowers:

    By the way always when people see me without makeup they ask me if I'm sick because of my under eyes :sad: Thank god for concealers!!!
  6. I use Armani concealer and really like it.
  7. looks like i'm going to have to try out the bobby brown concealer. i use MAC and it's okay. at the end of the day, though, it seems to have as some point pulled a disappearing act on me!