under eye cream?

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  1. I need to find an eye cream for dark circle, so far i have used strivectin-sd, hylexin but i haven't notice any changes at all, any recommendation ?
  2. I just bought the Chanel eye cream for puffiness. I haven't noticed a change but I do like the feel of it on my skin. I just bought it a week ago. Good luck. If you are looking for concealer, I like the Armani concealer.
  3. The only thing that helps with my dark under-eye circles is drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. No under-eye cream that I have ever used has worked for dark circle, in spite of the promises that they make.
  4. ITA--nothing has ever worked for me either. Do you have allergies? They can cause dark under-eye circles.
  5. Yes, the allergies can make your dark circles worse, I have them too. I am faithful to the Chanel age-delay eye gel and have noticed a difference but they are still there. You have to try it and stick with it for a few weeks. I want to try the Chanel eye tonic. Has anyone tried that one?:idea:
  6. I noticed that the dark circles under my eyes improve when i'm not having allergy symptoms, so I take Zyrtec-d when I can hack it (sometimes zyrtec makes me dizzy.) Otherwise, MAC concealor is my friend:graucho:
  7. what about cernor? my dermatologist told me that this
    one is effective for dark circle.. have you girls tried it? :rolleyes:
  8. I haven't heard of cernor? Where do you get that and how much?:s
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  10. try la prairie! i love them!