Under $500... Ideas for Great Fall Leather Bags?

  1. Anyone have any suggestions for a nice leather bag under $500 that would be cute for fall and could carry into winter? Post pics if possible, thanks! The less-expensive, the better! :smile:
  2. Have you seen the new Marc by Marc Jacobs totally turnlock series? There are some fabulous bags in that collection. I bought the Totally turnlock Mimi in Stone and am totally loving it! The color is a warm grey that works with everything and the leather is amazingly buttery soft. I also love the Hayden Harnett leather bags. Their leather is also amazing. Both of these are within your price range.
  3. I just bought the Marc by Marc Jacobs "Dr Q Qroovee" in bordeaux, and it's AMAZING.

    I think it is going to be perfect for the Fall!
  4. Omg, I also LOVE the MJ Dr. Q bags. It was down to that, or an Hayden Harnett.

    Hayden Harnett eventually won me over because of the hundreds of great reviews here. I bought the havana hobo and LOOOOVE the quality of the leather.

    Lookin back, I'm glad I didn't get the MJ cuz its abit vintage or old feeling and the havana feels abit more modern which I like.
  5. Try Coach.
  6. I agree those M by MJ bags are adorable. Another suggestion: if you use the luckybreaks3 code at http://www.lunaboston.com most of their bags are under $500. Many of us on the forum are devoted to Hayden Harnett*, but Luna Boston also carries Tano and Anna Corinna and Jenny Yuen and Rebecca Minkoff and Ananas and other great, independent lines. Even if you don't end up purchasing from them it's a good place to look.

    I'd also look on endless.com, they have some Kale bags on sale.

    *some might say overly devoted but I never listen to my family anyway
  7. [​IMG]

    The pic is from Zappos.com
    By MICHAEL Michael Kors for $ 328.00
    I am thinking buying this bag.....
  8. Picture 199.jpg

  9. Wow, I love this bag. Not super crazy about the metalic trim, but sooooooo pretty :tup:
  10. I want a patent leather bag for a decent price!

    Theres a D&G one i saw online but ugh i have to live in Australia. You Americans are so lucky :sad:
  11. I love this bag too. There is also a black version. The trim is patent leather.
    I think it looks even better being modelled! :yes:
  12. I actually looked at your collection (nice!) to get a sense of your styles. It seems that you tend towards smaller to medium bags, lighter bags, smoother leathers, and you don't mind logos or well-known prints (love the Damier). So here is my suggestion: a Gucci hobo for $440 on Bluefly (probably a code in Deals & Steals for further discount). You mentioned fall and winter, but this style is timeless so you can wear it all year round for years to come.
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