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  1. I'm being so indecisive with this bag and I'm not sure why--usually I'm very decisive.

    It's the first RM I've ordered and I think I may have chosen it more for the price point I received than for the design/colors (Blk/Wht combo MAM).

    I need your help--do you think I should keep this one? :shrugs:

    PS: I also have a charcoal patent MAB coming in this week, so at least I'm starting in on some variety with this line.

    Thanks for your input!

  2. I think it is absolutely beautiful! And looks great on you.
  3. I love this bag and if I trusted myself with white I'd have bought it a long time ago. Keep it!
  4. Love it. Very sophisticated and chic! Classy and modern...Plus black and white is very big for spring. See Michael Kors' Spring Collection for example.
  5. Fabulous! I would keep it. Very classic. But if you get the charcoal and are absolutely gaga, perhaps you could afford to part with this one!
  6. Ok, I think we're all going to say "keep it," but if you don't *feel* this bag then it's not LOVE.
    I personally don't keep bags that I don't absolutely love on the spot b/c I know it'll end up hiding in my closet for weeks. I'd rather get a bag that knocks my socks off than one that only leaves me constantly wondering.
  7. I completely agree. It's a pretty bag, but I think you should hold out for one you absolutely adore! There are so many bags out there...why keep one that you're not sure about?:smile:
  8. You should ask yourself how often you'll be using it. cuz if it's going to sit in your closet more often than it'll see daylight, I say, return it.

    you'll find that getting a bag you really love, you'd pay the retail amount and not regret it.
  9. It definitely looks GREAT on you. But you should ask yourself how much you love it and how often you're going to use it.
  10. I love it. But only keep it if you think you'll use it.
  11. It looks great on you and it's such a classy look, but seriously, if you're not going to enjoy it, then I say return it. I'd rather save that $ for another one I ADORE!
  12. I love it! It's really gorgeous. But, I think if you are questioning whether to keep it or not & you're not totally in love with it, then it's not a keeper.
  13. I love this one. Actually just purchased it myself. It's a good classic bag. You should only keep it if you love it though.
  14. I have the same bag. I love the combo & I love wearing it. But the white do freak me out esp since I love wearing this bag with lots of black so I think that's the reason I have only used it a few times. So only keep it if you love it!
  15. This is one of my favorite combos. Its gorgeous- i think you should keep it.