undecided! what should i buy?

  1. hi guys! i'm new here , & i would like to ask your opinion on what LV bag i should purchase..it would be my first & i know it would take a long time b4 i buy a 2nd one, so i prefer something that i can use at work ( i work in a bank) & evrywhere else ( malling, nightouts, etc) a style that would look good with both formal & casual dressing.i'm 5"3 & weighs 112lbs..i would appreaciate your suggestions very much! thanks:smile:
  2. Mono Speedy 25 :graucho:
  3. hmm do you want to be traditional and get the mono or would you like something "different"?

    Traditional I would say a mono speedy 25 or 30, or a beverly MM.

    A little les traditional I would go with a Damier speedy 25 or 30.
  4. Welcome!
    I'd go with a Batignolles Horizontal or Vertical since they're able to be put on the shoulder.
  5. I think the BH would be a good choice for your needs
  6. I'd recommend a Speedy or the BH....a pochette accessories would be a great addition too - you could use it in your BH for your money and keys if you just want to grab that (like if you're going to lunch or run into the store, etc. when you don't need everything with you) Also, you could use the pochette for evenings out.
  7. speedy or BH.
  8. I don't think the BH would work for formal dressing.
  9. I think if you need somthing to wear to work and then also for nights out i think the mono speey 25 if your looking for hand held. but if your a shoulder bag girl i would get the beverly mm.
  10. damier speedy!
  11. something from epi line? suits both for work & outings too:smile:
  12. Speedy 25 or Beverly MM.
  13. Hmmm .... do you prefer Shoulder Bags or Handheld Bags?
  14. Welcome!!! I'm a speedy 30 lover....got 3 and I don't think you can go wrong with this bag....works with everything!!
  15. Damier Illovo, the larger one!