Undecided Option Montaigne or Azur?

  1. I wanted to buy a LV this weekend.

    I've come down to two choices:

    Damier Azur Pochette :love:
    (LV has 2, and they have waiting lists for this and Speedy 25 List is too huge for me to be added)


    Epi Montaigne Clutch in Black:love:
    (LV only had 1 last one in stock)

    I do love both of the above. I wish I could buy both. But going to two concerts, a live hockey game got in my LV funds :push: But it was so much fun!! That I don't mind. But now I have to decide which one. I wanted to get a Black Petit Noe, but they do not have any in stock. But I also loved the above two choices is what I wanted to get also lol.

    :shrugs: Any suggestions? I like Azur Pochette for the Spring and Summer. But love the look of the Black Epi.

    My other option is not buy anything - and save for something for the fall. But thats too long for me to wait. lol
  2. Love the Azur line..so cute..and suitable for spring/summer.
  3. Azur!
  4. i say Azur since spring has arrived...well in Texas anyway!
  5. Montaigne clutch in black Epi. You can't go wrong with a clutch in basic black.
  6. I would get the black Epi Montaigne... it's so much cuter!
  7. Well this choice is a bit hard for me to make. Because I want both, but can't get both. And I'm sort of leaning towards the Epi Montaigne Clutch.

    Either one of the above would be my first Azur or Epi. :tender:
  8. Not only would your first LV purchase be special. You'll be a lucky first to own a new style from the Epi line. The clutch will be functional from day to evening.:flowers:
  9. the montaigne clutch. i'm eyeing that up too. i think its very funtional i think the strap can be completely taken out which i love.

    i hope they have more colors to come in due course
  10. Montaigne!!!
  11. my vote is for the azur line.
  12. I'd go with the Azur Pochette.
  13. azur... I don't like the epi clutch... :push:
  14. Montaigne!!
  15. Epi Montaigne in black!!