Undecided on which Peyton to get

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  1. I finally lucked up and will get a Peyton bag after all. I was very disappointed the outlet here near me never got them. Another TPF'er was nice enough to let me know an outlet in MA has them and my mom is picking it for me tomorrow. I am having a hard time deciding between the black patent and the gray patent. I plan on using this bag for my schoolwork/ travel on bag when I go on trips. I have been lusting after a nice gray bag since the cheap one I use now is falling apart at the seams but think I may get more use out of the black. Which one would you pick? I did have them hold the black for now.
  2. if you already have more than one black bags, just go for gray one. It' neutral and goes with everything, just like black and not that black!:biggrin:
  3. I would go with the grey... the color is so gorgeous & IMHO it's just as neutral as black. Good luck with your decision!
  4. DEF THe grey one. It's so beautiful, and very neutral. If you have a lot of black bags, I would def go for the grey (plus, I had been searching for one for over a year!) Black is beautiful but does show more dirt than the gray one (including finger smudges)
  5. I presume the gray one is patent. This would be handy if it rains or snows.
    It's a color that really goes with alot, just like black.
    Edit-oops! Went to Bermuda! Both are patent. Nice.
    I still say gray, good year round. Soft enough in color.
  6. all peytons are fabulous in my book so you can't go wrong with either BUT i simply can't stop carrying it since i got it... i absolutely love it! the nickel hardware and the shimmer of the grey patent make it a stunner!!
  7. I would go with the grey. I have one in this color and LOVE it!!
  8. Another vote for grey!
  9. I have the gray patent and just can't quit looking at it. I had decided to return it because it really is too big, but I just don't know if I can...it is too too lovely. AND a great color.
  10. I guess I'll be the odd-ball but I love black patent. Just my preference. If you already have a ton of black bags, get the gray one though.
  11. I think the grey is Very Pretty, but I completely :heart:LOVE:heart: the black!!! It's just so shiny and sparkly! And the brass hardware is so gorgeous!
  12. the grey!!! black is too common
  13. Thanks all. You ladies are making the decision tough. I wish I could get them both. I am strongly leaning towards the gray. I hope they still have them and will call in the morning.
  14. another vote for the gray! :smile: they're all gorgeous but this one is suuuuuuper gorgeous!! :smile:
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