Undecided on this top - Help me style it please!

  1. I just got this top from Barney's. Its a great color for me, nice cut.

    I just don't know if I can wear it like the model. I've gained some weight and I'm worried about a little bit of a belly showing if I wear it like the outfit shown. :push: I'm just not sure if I should pair it with a suit or maybe a pair of grey slacks and a black suit jacket? I don't know. I'd like to wear it to work. (Be gentle, I'm having a neurotic OMG how did my hips get this size moment).

    Also, I'm wondering if its 'worth' it. It was about $200 and its silk, I just don't usually spend so much on work tops - this one had an usual color and well it was the last medium in the store, so I sort of had to grab it. I also have a really hard time finding colors that I like to wear. (I'm wearing a black tank underneath or using clothing tape so it doesn't open quite so low).

    Yeah I'm rambling....ok fashionistas help me out!

  2. That is sooooooooooo cute, i would wear it with a nicely fitting jeans, you are going to look HOT !
  3. That's a beautiful top, and a beautiful color! Since I'm not sure what the bottom/hem looks like, and what it would look like NOT tucked in, I'm just going to go with what is shown and say that you could easily pair it wide-leg trousers that are mid-rise or an a-line skirt to balance out your hips. I also think it would look SO chic paired with work slacks and a blazer or v-neck suit jacket that would show off the ruffles. Also, I would recommend wearing your hair up to pull everyone's eye line towards both the ruffles and your neck and all the skin around your collarbone area you're uncomfortable with your stomach.

    I think it's worth it. It's silk, it's gorgeous, and that color is amazing! You could pile on jewelry and wear it with wide-leg jeans for a going out look. Plus, you could wear a gold or red cami underneath for an added pop of color...the combinations are endless. I say go raid your closet, mix and match, and see what you come up with! Have fun, and great find!
  4. Wow that is really cute , great for fall
  5. I love that top! White pants and a thin gold belt would look great with it.
  6. Wow~ Great advice! Can you come over and dress me?
  7. I simply love that top, its wonderful! Love the colour too.
  8. Thanks for all the great advice, I feel better about it. Unforunately the shirt really need to be tucked in, it just looks weird out. I'm going to play around with it some more. Besides if all else fails I'm planning on buying a new black suit this fall and that would work with it. I love the idea of a gold cami underneath though!
  9. love the shirt! it super cute hehe
  10. Omg! I Love It!!!!!!
  11. Where did the pic go? :sad:
  12. I love it, very stylish and the color is amazing. With jeans, white pants, or black pants, it's gonna look great with everything!
  13. this top would be so cute in white.
  14. I think it would look great untucked, with wide leg black pants and some black heels.