Undecided! Debating on exchanging the Zoe wallet

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I purchased the monogram canvas Zoe with the Rose Ballerine flap last week.
    I fell in love with the compact style and most of all the color.
    But after seeing some goodies on here I’m undecided if I should exchange the canvas Zoe for the Empreinte leather one in Rose Poudre. The colors seems similar enough that I’ll be happy with it. I just love pale light pinks.

    The only drawback I have is that the all leather piece can pick up color transfer, darken with hand oils, or the delicate leather will scratch in my bag.
    Even the smooth flap of the canvas one I’m worried about scratching because I’m super OCD with keeping things looking new.

    Any suggestions?
  2. I much prefer the Empreinte version to the canvas/leather combo.
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  3. I am impartial to the Zoe as I find it too similar to the ZCP yet not as functional. Between the canvas/leather one and the empreinte, I like the looks of empeinte much better. Your concerns about wear and tear are very valid, though, especially with the rose poudre color. If I were OCD, I'd stick with the canvas/leather combo -- its much easier to maintain, can be wiped down if necessary, without having it damaged.
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  4. I think it looks more luxurious maybe?
    But still, I don’t know if it’s worth the risk of having a high maintenance piece that’s going to be tossed in a bag all day.
  5. I only have a cles and a pochette when it comes to LV wallets, so I think I fell in love with the Zoe since I didn’t have anything to compare it to.
    Plus I usually can get away with just a card holder so I think I’ll have enough room.

    I do love how luxurious the all leather looks, and it would be different than all my canvas pieces since all I own is canvas.
    But I don’t think I can keep up with babying the wallet since It will be my daily.

    Is color transfer a possible issue? From fabric as well as hand oils. If I’m running errands I tend to just grab my wallet and hold it as I shop.
    Not sure if it matters that the leather is treated
  6. Anything requiring as much care as a very light empeinte leather wallet would own me instead of me owning it. Color transfer, getting it dirty, those all are valid concerns for this type and color leather. Then again, it is beautiful and if you get it with the intention of loving and using it for a while and then replacing it, you won't have to worry too much. It doesn't fit the bill if you are looking for a wallet to use for years non-stop.
  7. I wouldn't worry too much about scratches on the Empreinte leather. I've had my key pouch and Curieuse wallet for over 3 years and they still look new (but they are both black) - the leather is tough and extremely durable.

    With the Rose Poudre though I would probably worry about colour transfer and darkening from daily use. I bought my Zoe wallet in canvas/leather (Fuchsia) for this very reason. (And also because I didn't want to get yet another black Empreinte SLG :P)
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  8. Thanks for the info and your opinion!
    Yea this would be a permanent LV piece for me.
    A friend of mine recommended me leaving it in the tiny dust bag in my purse, but how neurotic would that look everytime I pull it out to pay for something lol
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  9. I just love how soft the leather looks!
    So sad that I’m drawn to light colors. I do love black, but I fell in the love with the pink.
    I guess I do have the option to get the black all leather Zoe if I’m willing to give up the pink.
    Are you worried about any scratches on the smooth leather flap with the canvas/leather Zoe?
  10. I haven't even thought about scratches to be honest! I think scratches will be inevitable, but it'll probably be so faint that you'll have to really hold it up close to see them. I'm very precious of new purchases in the first 2 weeks... but I find that after 2 weeks I generally just stop caring as much :P
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  11. I tend to let go a little too after a couple of weeks!
    I’ve always had just full canvas pieces so curious to see how even the small bit of leather holds up.
  12. I think if you don't mind giving the wallet a bit of clean every now and again then the Rose Poudre Empreinte should hold up just fine :smile: I reckon it will take a very long time before you notice any permanent stains/wear that cannot be cleaned/removed, and by then you'd probably want to treat yourself to a new wallet anyway ;)
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  13. I have a Zippy in Crème and so far it's fine. If you find yourself thinking about exchanging it then I would. You are right, the smooth leather on the Zoe will be prone to scratches and getting dirty as well. It's one set of problems for another. As long as you aren't carrying it in a bag lined with a dark color, you should be fine with the Empreinte. Go with what you love!
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  14. Haha...I think we all debate it sometimes...
  15. The smooth leather on the mono Zoe will scratch more easily than empriente n it’ll be more obvious too. I wouldn’t worry about the empriente one... ost of my stuff have held out really well. It’s also not as light pink as rose ballerine, in fact I think dirt won’t show as much cos it’s a dusty pink.
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