Undecided about sale bags

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  1. I was wondering if the prada experts could help - I was lucky enough to get two sale bags - a soft calf leather two pocket tote in prugna and a cervo antik tote hobo in grey. I'm concerned how each will hold up with everyday use.

    It seems silly to keep a bag just because it's on sale especially if someone else will love it.

    I'm considering returning the bags to get a vitello shine tote - which maybe better for everyday.

    What do you guys think? Am I crazy to consider returning these bags?

    Thanks so much
  2. Do you not like the bags?
    If you don't like them, you should return them and get something you actually like! If it's on sale, then it's a plus!
  3. I like the bags but don't think I would buy them at full price. But I don't want to keep them if they won't wear well.
  4. So funny how I am going through the same thing right now! So let's talk this through together.

    There are also 2 bags I "like" on sale at about $1K each. When I say "like", it means that I wouldn't mind having it in my collection but I will not die without it. On the other hand, if the bags were at $500 - $600 each, I would grab them up in a second...

    What about you?
  5. Please post some pics!:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  6. i don't know how you exactly feel about the bags... but from my own past experience, i bought a couple of bags because i thought they were good bargains. but when i added them up, i could buy one amazing bag that i would love... sadly enough, i didn't return mine and regreted the decision... so it really depends on how you feel about them.. i would say return them if you're less than 80% sure that you are going to get some "mileage" from those bags...
  7. I'm torn between returning great deals on nice bags or paying regular price on a bag I will use everyday. I will post pictures later. I don't have an extensive collection - so I need to use the bags often. One of the deciding factors for me will be how the bags hold up - has anyone had problems with the soft calf leather or cervo antik?
  8. Cervo Antik is more distressed with time, and this year's model I think had some serious scuffing when I would see them at the stores...I say get rid of that one.

    The soft calf is ALWAYS one of Prada's best bags....but if you are unsure...return.

    I am a huge fan of the Vitello Shine and can tell you that for every day...I think you are better off with that bag...what color are you thinking about? I have to get one of these too!
  9. return if u r unsure.....i only buy bags i liek even if its on sale...
  10. Return them and get something you truly love!
  11. Usually when you really love something, you don't have a lot of doubts. It sounds like you don't love these sale bags. Are both of the styles that you bought hobo styles? If you are considering the vitello shine tote, it may serve a different function in your bag wardrobe, so it may make sense to return one then buy the tote (keeping at least one sale bag if you need it). The tote looks very roomy and like a good every day bag. It is always great to get a good deal, but then it isn't really a deal if you never use the bag. Only you can decide what fits your lifestyle best. It also depends on your budget.

    All of that being said, if you end up returning, please let us know where and who to contact. There is another tPFer I know who is searching for a grey or lighter colored Prada bag and she may want to purchase it if you are returning it. Good luck with your decision!
  12. Thank you all for your advice - I was thinking of the vitello shine tote on the saks website in the granite color - I really like the style of the tote - and I think the color is versatile.

    I will absolutely post on the website before I return either bag - so that another TPFer can get it.
  13. momoffour - Are you talking about this bag? If so, I have the same one. Mine came w/ a couple superficial scratches on the bag but I was able to buff them out with a little elbow grease and leather conditioner. It's fine now and I've used this bag while running errands w/ DS, etc. I even (gasp) took it to the gym w/ me one time b/c I didn't have enough time to switch to my nylon gym bag. It's perfectly fine. That being said, I don't drag them across the treadmill either. I think it'll do just fine. On the other hand, the other hobo you speak of might be more prone to scuffing. The sales bags I saw a couple weeks ago had a lot of scuffing on them. They were lovely bags but I couldn't deal w/ the constant scuffing on them. I love distressed looking bags but I can't deal w/ this particular type of wear/tear.

    Again, no one person can convince you to keep or return these bags. It's entirely up to you. If I had your same problem, I'd keep the soft calf (I'm a little biased) and return the other to get a vitello shine bag. They're amazing and so freakin' wallet friendly!!!! That way, the best of both worlds - a sale bag AND a new bag. I have a few soft calf bags and they haven't left me down so far, fyi.

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  14. alouette - yes that seems to be the same bag that I have - the color looks brown in some light and kinda purple in others. I'm glad to hear that scratches can be buffed out - I think it's a keeper. I'm still not sure about the other bag - It's such a difficult decision because once a sale bag is returned - it's going to be close to impossible to find it again if you change your mind - that coupled with the price - makes the decision even harder. But I do agree, it doesn't make sense to keep something unless you are going to use it. OK - so I'm rambling on about this - maybe I'll bring home the vitello shine and then decide - before I do any returning.
  15. ^^that might be a wise decision. Think it through for a little bit but definitely post in the sales thread if you decide to return as Chi town Chanel explained. I'm sure others might be interested if you're returning.

    I also bring the bags into my closet and put them up against my wardrobe. If I have a hard time thinking I'm going to use it w/ the majority of my wardrobe, it's a goner. Again, don't let the word "sale" be your worst enemy. It can be our friend and foe simultaneously. We get ourselves into such a frenzy when the word "sale" pops up but in reality, we need to remain logical and realize there will be other sales down the road. And other bags will be on our "need list." Let's not forget the fall sales at the end of this year will be coming and man, if these fall bags go on sale, there will be some hair pullin', nail scratchin' catfights to be witnessed!!!