Undecided about Recent Damier Speedy Purchase!

  1. Hello Everyon!! I am so excited about my bday present I got yesterday from my bf. I finally got a Damier speedy 25...what I always wanted:yahoo:!!

    But now I'm in a bit undecided. I've always loved the speedy 25, but when I got it yesterday it seemed smaller than I thought. I'm 5'5 and am average size. (though I have gained some weight..:cursing:) When I wear the bag on my wrist it seems a little odd, like the big is too small. I was wondering if anyone felt the same or if it's just me that's a little bit crazy. Now I want to go back to LV and exchange for a 30, but my bf said when he saw it it was huge! So I'm a bit undecided.

    Another thing, the speedy is sooo cute that I never thought about the realistic use of it. For anyone who has a speedy, do you get tired of carrying it in your hand or wrist? How practical is the speedy for day to day use?

    I know that was a mouthful!! I would appriecate any opinions or advice! THANKS!!
  2. I ever carried Damier Speedy30 for a few days before re-sell it :p I carried it on my wrist and Speedy30 is perfect for me :smile:
  3. I'm 5'2 and all of my Speedies are 30s with the exception of the Cerises..I'm a lot more comfortable with the 30, the 25s just seem so small to me.
  4. I'm 5'4" & the 25 seems like a good everyday size to me. The 30 seems too big.
  5. I have a MC Speedy 30 and I use it as an everyday bag.

    When I go shopping I have it hanging on my arm and when it starts to "feel heavy" .... I just carry it in my hand.

    I'm 5' 7" and I love the Speedy 30's .... personally the 25's seem to small for me.

    If YOU feel that you are un-happy with the 25 then just exchange it for the 30 (but try it on first to see if you like the way it looks on you).

    Then if you don't like the 30 either, shop around and see what catches your eye. ;)

    Hope everything works out for you .... Good Luck! :love:
  6. I am 5'6" I carry the Speedy 30s
  7. I am 5'7" and carry the 30, I almost feel it is too small and thought of going up to the 35 but that was just a little too big.
  8. Exchange is for the 30 if you're not liking the 25! I'm 5'2" and I carry 30!
  9. I'm 5'8 and I carry 30.....
  10. i am 5'1'' and around 115lbs and use a mono 25 and its the perfect size for my every day needs and my height/frame. if i was any taller or bigger i would opt for the 30.
  11. I'm 5'0" and I carry the speedy 25 but thinking of getting a 30 coz the 25 is already starting to look too small for my stuff. If it doesnt look good to you, then exchange it asap. You do have a 2-week exchange period. But why wait for the 2 weeks when you could exchange it and enjoy it ASAP??

    Do post pictures once you get it!!