Uncool mom seeks advice

  1. Ok...so I'm kinda cool...I try anyway! haha

    My daughter is starting middle school next month and watns a Tokidoki bag....not for a back pack or anything like that...a hand bag. Can you experts let me know what you would suggest for an 11 year old fashion forward figure skating high maintenance young lady?? hehe
  2. I would say...depending on how much she carries around, dolce, bella, or mamma mia. (from smallest to biggest) and as for print.. depends on what she likes.. less color like adios star and tutti or more color.. like spiaggia or pirata..
  3. i suggest a dolce or bambino
  4. I would suggest a dolce. As for the print, that's more related to her personal style.
  5. I would suggest a dolce as well. It is the least expensive of the purses and seems appropriate for her age.
  6. The Dolce is a great idea for her or perhaps she'd like a Bella, it's a little bigger so she'd be able to fit some more stuff in it. I think she'd like either style :yes: If she wants a messenger type purse then a ciao would be good for her! She's got a bunch of options.

    As for the print, it's like Happy Toki said, it depends on how much color she wants and how loud she wants the bag to be. Do your local stores carry tokidoki? :confused1:
  7. A stellina might also be nice for her.
  8. i would suggest one of the mini bags o.o i dont even know why i carry big bags... its cuz i carry junk thats y haha

    well why not go: http://www.lesportsac.com/external/tokidoki/tokidoki_handbags_summer.html
    and ask your daughter what she likes? ^__^

    i have 11 year old cousins and they like to carry around small bags for fun... i probably wouldnt recommend something like a gioco, zucca, or tote because they would look pretty huge on an 11 year old~ smaller bags would seem more appropirate to me also, plus they are cheaper. i feel bad cuz when i was around her age i harassed my mom for bags and when she bought me them id toss them in the closet >_<; sorry mom
  9. I'd suggest one of the "mini bags" too, like the ciao or dolce. Dolce would probably be best in the long run, she can use it as a clutch or makeup bag when she gets older (if she wants a larger bag then).
  10. I would suggest a Dolce, Ciao, or Bambino.

  11. I like this idea! :idea: She can always use it as a makeup bag later on. My vote is for the Dolce now! :yes:
  12. Yeah for an 11 year old a dolce sounds like a great choice... You don't want a huge looking bag on her. As far as prints go you should probably ask her what she likes out of the newer ones, since you'll probably end up paying over retail if you look for the older seasons prints that are harder to find on eBay.
  13. i think BAMBINO is definitely the way to go! i think it's more unique looking than a dolce...more bang for the buck... dolce's look too similar to regular lesportsac purses. I used to figure skate too when i was her age :smile:
  14. i think a dolce would be a good size, or a bella would be really cute too. bellas are a good size and also looks unique too with the 3 zippers :tup:
  15. bella!