Unconfirmed Paypal address!!

  1. God I hate it when buyers do not read your listing. I have a buyer who has sent me an e-check through paypal. Even though my listing clearly states I only ship to confirmed paypal addesses, paypal says this buyer has provided an unconfirmed address!!
    The buyer has good feedback, if I ship insured with signature confirmation will I be protected? I sent her an e-mail questioning her unconfirmed address already.:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. I always email them and ask the address they want it shipped to..(save the email)...also I check their info under the eBay contact info.......and I do the whitepages.com to see if they have a address/phone listing......
    I have shipped to a few unconfirmed and had no problems at all......wait til the echeck clears and then take the $$$ out of your paypal.....thats what I do....
    Cheers!!!!!! and good luck!
  3. I don't ship to unconfirmed addresses. If the buyer is a scammer, the seller protection won't help you because one of the conditions for qualifying for seller protection is that you ship to a confirmed address. Having an e-mail saying what address they want you to send it to also doesn't help.
  4. yeah...this is starting to really irritate me too. i clearly state that i ONLY ship to confirmed addresses, yet my buyers constantly ask me to ship to unconfirmed addresses.

    Lit, how do you tell that nicely that you will NOT ship to the unconfirmed address you provided?
  5. me 2!!! this JUST happened to me for the first time today, its only for a coach scarf so its not a lot of $$ if something went wrong but its just the fact that i said CONFIRMED ONLY and the winner is unconfirmed ugh it annoys me so mucH! i still havent decided what to do,,
  6. I am not sure you need to be nice about it, especially if you have made it clear from your listing that you only ship to confirmed addresses. I would just refund the payment and say something like "I'm sorry, but my terms make clear that I only ship to confirmed addresses when a buyer pays with Paypal. Please let me know if you would like to confirm your address and send payment again, or if you would like to arrange an alternative form of payment. Thanks!"
  7. You can set your paypal account up to accept payments from confirmed addresses only. You can also set it up so you don't have to accept e-checks either I believe.

    Sign in on your account, go to profiles, under selling preferences click on payment receiving preferences and set your preferences.
  8. It happened to me two days ago for the first time. The payment was instantly cleared but the shipping destination is Japan. I put "CONFIRMED" in bold face in the listing and the buyer sent me a msg about shipping cost to Japan. I assumed she had a confirmed address. I sent her an email and gave her options but haven't heard back from her yet.
  9. I would send them a nice note asking why they don't have a confirmed address.
    The reason why I say nice is because I actually ebayed for a good 6 months after moving to school with an unconfirmed address because I didn't realize I had to confirm each new address that I added to my paypal account (my home address was already confirmed). If it looks like the buyer has good feedback, they probably are a reasonable person and it might be an honest mistake.

  10. If they do a chargeback on you and you have sent it to an unconfirmed address- an email off them counts for nothing!!! I learnt the expensive way- £200 chargeback. Confirmed addresses only no exceptions!
  11. addresses in Japan cannot be confirmed; only US, UK, and Canada can be confirmed addresses.
  12. wow thanks! i forgot to check back on this post to see people's suggestions, and this is GREAT!! i just blocked all US buyers with an unconfirmed address. thanks for the great tip!!!! :tup::yahoo:
  13. i am so pleased right now!!! i feel like 4theluv's tip should be a sticky!!
  14. I don't post anywhere that I don't ship to unverified address but I just don't do it! In the past I never even noticed if an address was verified or not, but after having paypal rules bent and being taken advantage of I no longer ship to any unverified address.

    If a customer has an unverified address:

    1. I send a nice email stating that its in both of our best interest that I only ship to a verified address.
    2. I include a not that its easy to verify an address using a CC with a billing address, which matches the address they want the item shipped to.
    3. I just keep their money until they update the address.
    4. If I have to, I will refund the money later and have them repay so that I ship within the 7 days.

    At least it helps my cash flow for a few days :yahoo:

    Its also an opportunity to ask them to pay with Google Checkout after a refund on paypal - several of my customers have done this and that saves the paypal fees!
  15. Google checkout? Can anyone do this?? I will have to look into this!!!

    also, for number 3, how can you tell when they've updated their address unless you invoice them again? TIA!