Unconfirmed and Non-US-Verified...

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  1. So I sold 2 items via Bonanzle, one I am to ship to Australia and the other to Spain. I was all ready to go to the PO this afternoon and while double checking their info I found that both my buyers have the word "Unconfirmed" under their address and next to their names in parenthesis: "The sender of this payment is - Non US - Verified"
    This Paypal business sure is confusing :confused1: as it states that it is "OK to ship," yet I'm told that I am only "Partially Eligible" under the Seller Protection program :huh:
    Both items are between $400 and $600 and I would be really mad if my buyers try to pull something that will leave me with no item and no money :nogood:

    Advice? Thanks! :flowers:

    PS: This is my first time shipping outside of the US... can you tell? :P
  2. The addresses cannot be confirmed kuz they're outside the US.

    Partially Eligible means your covered for INR and SNAD but not for unauthorized charges.

    This is not eBay, which is better for you than for the buyers.

    I don't do international transactions, so I don't have an educated opinion about which shipping method to use. From what I've read around here, I gather you have to be very careful and take the destination into consideration because of price, security, and the ability to obtain online trackable SigConf, which you need to be covered under PP. I would wait to see what the international experts have to say about shipping to Spain and Autralia.
  3. Express Mail only, insured, declared for full value.

    If you print on USPS, you can do the insurance.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys :flowers:
    So, when you say "full value," do you mean full purchase amount?
    Can I only do insurance online or can I request it at the PO, and would it be extra or is it included with the Express Mail service?

    Thanks again!
  5. Yes, only US, UK and Canada (?) are able to confirm addresses, it's about time this changed if you asked me !

    Declare full purchase price on the customs form so you can insure it for the full amount.
  6. I think I might be one of your buyers, hi.
    As everyone else said, We can't confirm our addresses in Australia. Mine is verified by linking my credit card and I had a letter with a code sent out which I then had to put into paypal but they don't do that anymore for Australia.
    Otherwise if you don't feel comfortable sending them out, refund your buyers and explain the issue.
    I know if I was the buyer I would want a quick refund as the bag i'm currently waiting on is for my birthday next weekend and i was hoping it would be here by then.
  7. I declare it for the price my ber paid me.
  8. ber=buyer.

    I am on my pda and the edit box camr up blank.
  9. Do not worry if you still keep the shipping receipt, in case buyer have file any claim you can give it and will win.
  10. Shipping receipt isn't enough in a claim. Proof of shipping doesn't prove delivery and in an INR case, delivery must be shown. And for items over $250, there must be an online signature confirmation.