Unconfirmed addresses..need help!

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  1. Hi, I'm new to this site..I am a recent ebay powerseller, and I did apply for expanded seller protection through email, they told me they will add me when the month ends and send me an invitation ?? Either way..I have sold 2 Iphones recently..and both of them have been bought by unconfirmed buyers...now I know that is not worth the risk..but one of the buyer tells me that he has changed his address to a confirmed one and it shows that to him in his paypal..but it doesnt show that to me in transaction details ? he confirmed it after purchase so could that be the reason ? What should I do ?
  2. I sent the buyer a screenshot of how it shows unconfirmed address in transaction details page..he said it's his work address, and he updated his addresss..he even sent me a screenshot of his home confirmed address, but that does not come in the transaction details page? what can I do or tell the buyer ?? Please help!!
  3. Usually if someone confirms their address AFTER the transaction, it will NOT show up on your end. As long as he showed you the screenshot, it sounds like it should be OK; however, to be on the safe side, I would have HIM email PAypal and have Paypal send YOU an email confirming what he said. It happened to me before and Paypal complied with it and sent me an email :yes:
  4. Thanks for your response Kristie...I like it when I do get honest buyers who are trying to work things out like this one...I have asked him to call Paypal tomorrow and he will do that..also do you know how long it takes to get into paypal's extended seller protection thing ?
  5. could you refund him the first payment , then ask him to pay again ? i think the confirmed status will show on your payment then
  6. I once had a buyer like his - she bought a B bag ($1200) and then said Paypal had not changed her confirmed address, would I send to the new one? I said no, you'll need to resend the Paypal payment after you get it changed with Paypal. I then thought to put up a $5 item that she could buy with her new confirmed PP address -- so she could prove it was indeed changed. It was kind of a hassle, but no way was I going to send to the new address, even though she said it was confirmed, until Paypal officially had new one. Powerseller Protection program is supposed to get around this (you can send to unconfirmed and still be covered? But I would call them and be sure if you are a PS.)
    In the long run, it's much safer to be certain about confirmed address, so you will be protected by PP!!
  7. Thanks for the response. I did refund him, and he said he will pay me again! How long does it take to get the extended protection policy for powersellers ?
  8. ^^^ I was going to suggest you refund him and have him resend the payment.
  9. I am having the same problem now, the seller has confirmed her details and it is still showing up not confirmed my end. Sorry for my ignorance but what did the screenshot mean? I am not syre what to ask her to do. Thanks