Unconfirmed address ignored auction terms! What to do????

  1. I listed an inexpensive item ($65) and the auction clearly states "ships to confirmed address only." The winner BIN'd with immediate payment and when I got his address for shipping, I noticed it was unconfirmed. I did email him and asked him to confirm his address so that I can ship and I don't know what else to do. He has made several purchases that went well but I don't want to risk anything.
  2. I usually refund the buyer's money along with an email stating that they need to have their address confirmed by Paypal for the safety of both buyer and seller. I usually include Paypal's number so they can call them...
  3. I always have them confirm the address that they want the item shipped to, thru our eBay messages....that way there is a record of it.....
    never had a problem yet.....most of my auctions are no returns.....

    THE KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  4. That usually works well for me too - good luck!
  5. I'm glad you have had good luck so far, but I believe you have absolutely no protection with Paypal unless you send to the buyers confirmed address only. I would hate hate to see a tPFer get burned...:smile:
  6. I think you did the right thing.

    I have to add though, I find this extremely frustrating for millions of ebayers not in the U.S., U.K., or Canada. You cannot, ever, for any reason, at all, get your address confirmed. Believe me I've tried, they don't offer the option. I have 100 % positive feedback and been at it for years and STILL so many sellers don't sell to me because of the darn unconfirmed address.
    BACK TO TOPIC! Sorry for the rant.

    You clearly stated that you only deal with confirmed addresses, she should have read that.
  7. it really annoys me that paypal will only confirm us/canadian/uk addresses :cursing: i have a uk address so it's ok for me, but it really excludes a huge amount of people. i've never not shipped to someone because of their address being unconfirmed, but i do look at their history pretty carefully. if it was someone with negatives i probably wouldn't do it, but all my transactions have gone well so far.
  8. I do the same thing :tup:
  9. Thanks everyone but if I refund his money, am I out of the listing fees and FVF? he ended my auction on day 2 and I would hate to pay to relist all over again...
  10. ^^ you can get your FVF back, but not the listing fees.
  11. ^^^Can I deduct the listing fee from his refund?

  12. Can't you report the problem to eBay to get the fees back? I did that once with a non paying bidder.
  13. in the future you can edit your paypal account so that only people with a confirmed address can make a payment to you...thats what i did and i have never had a problem