Uncomfortable situation...how do you deal with it?

  1. Have you ever been in a situation where somebody comments on your Hermes bag and you get the feeling like they are annoyed or look down upon you for spending so much? Or they will say something like "wow, an Hermes bag! How much are those anyway?" :shocked: :amazed:

    I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me and I never really know how to respond.

    I mean, I realize it's nobody's business how I spend my money, but it still feels uncomfortable.

    Any ideas on what to say to these people?
  2. My piece of advice is...don't care what people think. If they think you spend too much money on a bag, that's their right..and they're just jealous anyways!

    Just make a polite joke like "waay too much ha ha ha" and shift the convo if you feel uncomfortable
  3. Just know that it is *they* who are rude by making you feel uncomfortable. It's just highly rude to create an awkward situation over anything, especially something as trivial as the handbag one chooses to carry.
  4. I would not tell anyone....for me, that's a crazy, rude question (unless it's a close friend!).....I would probably say "plenty" or something and change the subject too....it's probably uncomfortable for me because I have these waves of sanity come over me and I feel it's crazy what I spend on these lol!!! But then my old self returns and I'm happy again...
  5. it totally depends on who is saying it. i have a good good friend who has very different values than i do, but she tries not to judge me. i think that while she would never ever in a hundred years want or buy a purse that cost half of a kelly, she would try to be okay with me for having one IF i was responsible about buy it (didn't go into debt, etc.). and that's good enough for me. as for others, well, if they don't know about the PF to find out about hermes, they are curious and want to know more. a lot of people have never seen one in person, or are intimidated and want to know if it's as expensive as they think it is (ha, likely it's more!).
    so if it's a friend who is asking or making you feel uncomfortable, it's worth it to have a talk with her about it and how she is making you feel. if it's a stranger or a colleague, best to be sophisticated and cool about it. "yes, it is from hermes. i really enjoy their quality and service, but that does come at a steep price, it's true." i wouldn't want to make anyone feel bad for being curious, even if i don't appreciate their form.
  6. i do find these questions nosey and normally do not respond. with the exeption if someone really annoyes me then i say " oh it was only xxx$ cheaper then i thought so i took one in every colour daaahhhhling :graucho: "
    you can bet they´ll never ever ask again ;)
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. I swear I would say, "If you have to ask, you can't afford one."

    I am old, if a person is going to be that rude, they deserve an answer like that.

    I once got on a plane with my mono speedy and keep all. As I was going to my seat, a man said to me, "Wow, 2 Louie's you must be lucky."

    My reply: "No, but I am good."

    That shut him up.

    BTW..DH was behind me when I said that.:graucho:
  9. I don't have a Hermes, but I used to get the same reaction when I was younger and I had a Prada bag. These were old friends that I hadn't seen for a while and we were in a crowded elevator. One of them said, is that REAL???? Then another said, did you get it at Costco? And then the last one was like if that's real why would you spend so much for a bag! I was at first in shock, then I snapped back and asked why the hell would I carry a fake bag and if I want to spend my money on a purse than it's none of your business!!! But to this day when I see this one specific friend she always has something to say about my bags! I think she's just jealous! Don't feel uncomfortable......wear it proud. And if they ask how much it was just tell them it was enough, and if they had any common sense they would end the conversation, but then again, if they had any common sense they wouldn't ask you how much you paid!
  10. oh i have some other lines to drop if people dare to ask if it ir for real or how much
    "yes it is real but anyway what about your boobs/lips"
    "oh it wasn´t expensive i got it for free for looking good"
    "how i got it? ask the old billionaire i take care of"
    "i slept around very hard to get the things i have"
    "how expensive? do not know but if you really want to know look up your husbands credit card bill"
    "not expensive compared to what i am worth"

    believe me these line work once and forever. only recommended to use when you are sure to see the person never ever again ;)
  11. I've only ever received compliments regarding my Hermes Kelly bag but if a total stranger asked me the question with a snobby attitute I'd say

    "Oh it was only $6000......(pause while looking at the other woman's bag).... How much was yours?":graucho: :graucho:

    I don't think ANYONE should look down on you for spending your hard earned money.
    If they have a problem with it then it's theirs to deal with.
  12. I get questions about my bags occasionally and it is a bit awkward! I would never do that to someone else unless I knew them really well! I usually choose the route of saying I paid too much or I have too many bags or something like that. I don't like to be confrontational and for some people it may be the only time they see a bag like that in person. I try and remember that but I just don't feel comfortable disclosing price points! I guess there is a fine line between admiring and being WAY too nosey!!
  13. I truly wouldn't waste my time.
  14. "More than you're worth."
  15. Less than your last bike;)