Uncomfortable shipping to winning bidder... How do I cancel?

  1. Hello. I recently sold a miu miu coffer and am very uncomfortable about the winning bidder. She is located in Australia and has paid for the item already. It's just that before the auction ended she asked so many questions about authenticity in the most rude manner possible and asked to see the receipt which I told her I no longer had. I said that I have a copy of my CC statement showing the purchase at Miu Miu in Florence, but that if she needs comfort on authenticity she should get it by coming here. I told her that receipts can be faked too, so her best bet it to authenticate the bag itself before she bids.

    She won the auction and paid right away. Her payment was accompanied by another offensive and now false statement that I should send her the CC "receipt" I'd "promised" and ended the message with "the bag better be authentic." I find her general tone offensive and do not have confidence in her judgment or ability to understand what I've explained to her.

    I immediately emailed her a copy of my CC statement and pointed out that I never said I had the receipt itself, but that the statement showed the purchase from Miu Miu. I asked if this was acceptable and if she still wanted the bag. I have not heard anything from her in nearly a week. In the interim I'm sent her 3 follow up messages saying that I was not going to ship the bag unless I hear from her that she still wants it. In my last message 2 days ago I told her that if she does not contact me to tell me to ship the bag to her, I was going to refund her payment and cancel the transaction. Still not a peep from her.

    At this point, I think I'm buying myself trouble if I send her the bag. I just don't have a good feeling about this buyer, and didn't like her false statement about the receipt or the threatening tone about the authenticity of the bag.

    Procedurally, I'm lost. I know how to refund/undo payment through Paypal, but what about eBay? I'd like to make a second chance offer to the next highest bidder or relist if she doesn't accept. How can I do this when the auction shows that i've been paid by the winning bidder? Will I have to pay multiple fees on this listing?

    Please help. TIA
  2. While I can give you no advice re. eBay's technicalities, I think you are doing the right thing by not sending her the bag and offering to the second highest bidder.
  3. Hello...

    Just read your post, and I agree about not sending her the bag. This is only the beginning of problems. If you want to talk to someone at eBay about how to handle this, there is a "live chat" somewhere there... I've used this before and I got someone who was very willing to help pointing me in the right direction. Good luck! :yes:
  4. Find out more about "How to cancel Bids". Refund money immediately. Block her right after. Don't make a second chance offer until everything has been resolved.
  5. I also agree. If you're uncomfortable, don't complete the transaction. Refund her money and either sell it to the 2nd highest bidder or relist the item. I also agree on blocking this buyer from your future sales. Good luck!
  6. Deco, I also agree you're doing the right thing by not selling to this person. The absolute worst experience I ever had with a buyer was someone a lot like the person you describe-- the problems began with her before the bag ever even went out. I think you'll be saving yourself a lot of headache. Good luck :flowers:
  7. Oh my, so much heartwarming support and SANE advice from my friends here! I'm so glad that you all agree that it's best to withdraw from the transaction.

    I have followed all your advice and can report that cancellation of a bid is not an option after the auction has closed. I went on LiveChat and was advised to refund through paypal and to make a second chance offer. Apparently this is possible even if the winning bidder has paid and you technically do not have the auctioned item in "multiples" (as is suggested by the second chance offer link).

    Thank you all for your kind advice. I feel the load is off my shoulder. Of course she may neg me now, but so be it. It happens to the best of us:smile: .
  8. Oh my gosh my sweet Deco! Go with your gut on this one! I would just refund her the money and tell her something to the effect that you would feel better if this transaction was mutually canceled between the parties and then proceed to send her that thru ebay. (have you ever mutually cancelled a transaction between yourself and a buyer or seller? Look on the site map) I think if you proceed you may end up being the victim of a bait and switch or a buyer screaming the bag is fake when its not. You may end up with a negative, but sometimes thats a small price to pay for some peace of mind. Hugs my girl!
  9. You poor thing. Always follow your instincts on Ebay. The times I have got burned I ignored a nagging feeling. It is your transaction and you are in control. You have done the right thing!
  10. I would not sell it to her. If she is not answering your emails maybe it's because she is up to something.
  11. Thank you Donna sweets! And Miss Sooky and Maritza:heart: :heart: ! This buyer sure sent my red flags flying. I found her tone reckless and offensive and just didn't want to do a deal with her. She has a feedback rating of 1 and displays no interested in building a good eBay reputation. She's now banned from all my auctions.
  12. OMG! she's sooo rude!
    cancel and refund her immediately!
  13. You did the right thing by cancelling the transaction, she sounds shady. Good luck with the bag.
  14. OMG you poor thing, what a horrible, rude buyer. Good luck with your 2nd chance offer buyer, hope it works out.:smile:
  15. What a rude *****. I would definitely cancel the transaction. After the payment is refunded I would tell her about her attitude. Some people have no class.