Uncomfortable Prada boots!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I purchased my first pair of Prada boots in the fall from Holt Renfrew in Toronto for over $1000. They are great looking however my issue is that they are as uncomfortable as boots could possibly be.

    I didn't expect them to be like walking on a cloud or anything but they are really hard.

    My question is:

    Anyone else who owns Prada boots experience this?
    Any suggestions on how to make the boots more comfortable?

    I'd really like to wear them so that they are not just expensive dust collectors. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Prada has awesome looking shoes/boots, but comfort has NEVER been part of the equation, even their flats hurt like hell!! There is no padding at all in them.
  3. I have a pair of Prada boots, I usually wear between 6.5-7, but in their boots went w/ 37.5. They do relax w/ time, but if way too tight would exchange or return.

    Oops just saw purchased last Fall. Maybe a cobbler could stretch them for you.

    Let us know what happens.
  4. I've found all my Prada shoes from pumps to peep toes, boots, and flats to be incredibly comfortable.

    Are your shoes too tight? Loose shoes can also lead to discomfort.

    Of all my designer shoes, I love my Prada shoes best.
  5. I've got two pairs of prada boots, and they're very comfortable. Love them. I did went up half size for both of them.
  6. Thanks for everyone's input!

    The boots are definitely the right size they are just hard as a rock and have horrible support. I guess I will see about investing in some good inserts for them.

  7. That's the only way to survive Prada's shoes: good ole Dr. Scholls!

    I went shopping once a few years in a pair of Prada flats. Sound like a good choice, right? WRONG!! The place I went to has marble floors throughout. You smack around in a Prada flat on a hard surface for an hour or two and you're dying! Even the tennis type shoes from Prada's Linea Rossa collection aren't that comfy.

    Give me Air Nike from Cole Haan and Asgi shoes & sandals ANY DAY! :yes:
  8. i've got some prada mary jane pumps from a/w 07 and they are really comfy esp as they have a heel of about 4 inch.

    i love them to bits.

    get some gel insoles for your boots... that might do the trick
  9. It sounds like you purchased boots with a hard leather sole? The dressier, taller boots without a rubber sole can be hard, and I wear a soft insole with those. Depending on your arch, they might just not be the right style of Prada for you. Prada makes many different kinds of boots -- I've been wearing their sport boots from heeled to not, but mostly those that come with some kind of rubber sole, for years and they are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned.
    I also wear Prada shoes almost exclusively as I have a high arch and shorter toes and they fit me much better than any other fashion shoe or boot does, so it's so funny to read that some people think they're uncomfortable and you don't buy them for that. Just goes to show you, generalizing is generally a bad idea - and just because your screen name says Prada doesn't mean you really get what the label is all about.
  10. For my low heeled boots I like the triad inserts or the clear gel (dr scholls?) inserts. For my higher heels I like the gels that you use at the front of the foot. Good Luck:smile:

  11. But a closet full of shoes that say "Prada" does... :whistle:
  12. ^^:ghi5: