Uncomfortable Havaianas??

  1. Hi girls,

    I bought two pairs of Havainas today. I wore one pair around the house today and the right thong kept cutting into my foot. Upon taking the shoe off, I noticed that the right shoe's thong-part was distorted and didn't look like the left one (the sharp edge sort of curled in).

    I noticed that my other pair of Havaianas is also this way -- the right shoe's thong is curved inward unlike the left's.

    Has this happened to anyone?

    I bought both pairs at Urban Outfitters. I don't know what their exchange policy is like -- I cut the tags off but never wore them outdoors.
  2. my pair hurt my feet the first few times I wore them but now they are relatively comfortable
  3. I don't like plastic flops--I always wear the reef leather or woven thongs--much comfier, IMO
  4. I really can't wear flip flops of any kind for some reason, unless I'm by the pool or at the beach. They just KILL my feet.
  5. mine were just fine and didn't cause any pain the first time i wore them.
  6. i don't like wearing havaianas
    everyone in australia seems to like them but i feel so insecure wearing them because i've almost tripped many times while wearing them. the rubber is too soft making it too easy to bend.

    but back to ur ques mine didn't hurt at all first wore it
  7. Some of them are not comfy. When I bought mine, same thing happened. I kept getting cuts but the store was very nice to let me exchange it with receipt even without the tag. I exchanged it to another one with different material and they are very comfy. I guess not all of them are comfy.
  8. This is why I prefer Juicy or J. Crew flip flops with elastic thongs. They have slightly thicker soles and the elastic is very comfy.
  9. I only have one pair that i bought at an outdoor concert when the shoes i came in were killing me and they are the most comforable things ever! No digging at all, and definitely saved my life that day ;)
  10. i had one pair, and I loved them...super comfy, and I dont recall having that problem you have, but I'm search for a couple of new ones, so I'll deffinitely make sure I check that out.
  11. I am looking at my pair of Hav's as I'm typing and the strap on the right slipper is slightly curved inward. I think this maybe just be how their slippers are made. Maybe it has something to do with the how they package them. Although my strap is oddly shaped, I don't have any problems wearing them.
  12. i have one pair of havs and they rub raw spots on my left foot, so i don't wear them.