Uncomfortable DELMAN ballet flats do exist??

  1. You hear positive reviews on Delman flats, but I have the "Whiz" and they are not fun to walk in! :tdown: Every top of my toe-knuckles has blisters from rubbing against the shoe. Funny thing is, the backs of my heels are excellent, and I usually have problems there...

    They were from Bluefly:

    Any shoe fix suggestions? :flowers: Anyone else have problems with Delmans?
  2. I have one pair of Delmans, also from Bluefly. I have the opposite problem -- I have found that they slip off my heels. Have you tried wearing the no-show hosiery made by Hue? I've started wearing them with shoes like this and I've found that I'm more comfortable in many of my shoes.
  3. ^^i was having that prob... i learned to sizing down worked for me