Uncloaked Lurker!!!

  1. I have been lurking here for 2 years now enjoying all of the wonderful stories and marveling at the tight knit community that you girls have.
    I learned so much from this forum so I have decided to come out and share what i can. You guys are the greatest ! thanks for sharing all your knowledge to us. Cheers to everyone!
    DSC00757.jpg DSC00762.jpg DSC00760.jpg
  2. Welcome annayu, and WOW! gorgeous birkin
  3. Hi annayu, i'm a newbie too. Love, Love, Love your birkin!
  4. WOW. Gold Fjord.
  5. Welcome!!!
  6. Your pictures are taken from such an unusual angle! What about a "full frontal"? So we can admire its beauty!!
  7. Thanks Girls ! Thanks Jag .... love your bags!
  8. Welcome! I love your Birkin!:love:
  9. Welcome!!!! She's soooo GORGY!!! I love her! MORE PICS PLS!!!!!
  10. Hi!! What took you so long! I could never be quiet for 2 years, LOL!!!!!!! ;)
    Welcome, please share everything with us! I know you have a lot to offer!
  11. Hi Annayu ~ Gorgeous Birkin, So Glad You Are Here:yes:
  12. Welcome to the H forum, annayu!!! Love your HAC!!
  13. Welcome! Gorgeous bags!
  14. Hi welcome...
  15. Welcome!! Please do feel free to post and ask questions. We're a family here! :flowers: