uncleared payment?

  1. i bought something off eBay and i paid for it via with my checking account with paypal. it says the payment is uncleared and wont clear for a few more days. why is that? the seller knows ive paid though right? since she wanted payment in like 2 days or something. ive used paypal before with debit/credit cards and its been instant. thanks!
  2. With checks, they take a few days to clear. The seller knows you have paid, but will most likely not ship until it clears.
  3. The echeck is considered "still in transit"... which takes generally 3-4 business days for the funds to clear from your bank. Once it's cleared, then Paypal will allow the seller to have access to the funds.
  4. oo okay thanks!
  5. okay im revisiting this thread because i still have a question about this. its past the expected clear date and i spoke with my bank and they said that paypal already took the money out of my bank account. why is it still marked uncleared?
  6. It is up in the air somewhere and will be there shortly. That has been my experience. Besides, the seller should not mind it either, no Paypal fee for e-checks.