Uncalled for...

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  1. Today, I had a class where we were required to write an essay during the period on a book we just read. I was sitting two rows behind a guy. I saw him open his laptop and on his desktop (I'm sorry if this is the wrong word) was a picture of a naked lady. :nuts: He kept it up for a very long time. He kept looking over at me and winking. :wtf: :cursing: (I later found out, he was winking at a bunch of girl. Pervert!) I think he was doing it to be annoying, because more girls saw what he was doing and he kept moving it on his lap and he kept turning his laptop on and off. Also, he would not maximize his word doc, so it was like hello lower half of a naked lady! :cursing: Can you believe the nerve? Ok, it's computer, have what you want on it but respect others might not care to view it. After class, my friends said can you believe this?! I think some people will do anything for attention.
  2. Next time "accidently" poor a nice sticky cola on his keyboard.
  3. HAHA! What a freakin Loser....
    Id give him a sad look and say ...wow..is that all the a*s you can get these days???HEE!HEE!
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Love that Jill! I couldn't have said it any better!
  5. couldn't that be considered sexual harrassment if one of those girls actually wanted to pursue it?
  6. Wow, I wish you guys were in that class. Could have put him in his place.
  7. I was thinking that, too, but some of girls said it might not be because it was his laptop.
  8. it may have been his laptop, but him purposely turning it towards women and then winking at them I'm pretty sure makes it sexual harassment... but then again I think you would have had to ask him to stop it first.
  9. ^^ my thoughts exactly! what a loser...

    Jill you're too funny! I love your posts :biggrin:
  10. Thanks for the info. I'd rather not speak to him. He is a little off. We've had class discussions where he's said things like he thinks it's ok to beat up your wife. :yucky:
  11. Oh purselove, and you have to look at that, oh my. What a loser, and a pervert.
  12. Yep, only way to go with such an idiot!! Accidents happen!!:yahoo:
  13. That is sexual harassment and wife-beating is neither OK nor funny! What a psycho!
  14. ^^^I know, but imo sometime's it's better to ignore it because really who know what he'll do.
  15. Yeah. I think it might be a good idea to just ignore this guy since he's such an attention seeker. Best way to annoy him would be to deny him what he wants so much!