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  1. E065EAF5-12AF-4DB8-84DF-862B78F0F3B6.jpeg 17CE720F-5ACA-4233-94F3-CE77F63E8481.jpeg 29E398DB-0164-40E4-BFCB-DFD818D9E4DE.jpeg Hey y’all! Ordered and received this bag, the HOBO the Original Fortune bag in Honey . She smells divine and is beautiful! I uploaded my unboxing on my YouTube channel: Ashley’s Closet if anyone is interested.
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  3. Thanks TM!!!
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  4. Pretty bag!
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  5. Nice bag and I love this caramel color of the leather!
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  6. Oh thank you MS! I love her!!
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  7. Thank you! The color really is beautiful and goes with anything at all.
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  8. Simply gorgeous pictures and bag.
    I really love the style and color of this one!
    And, your mod shot is outstanding. :tup:
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  9. Oh thank you!!! Please check out my YouTube channel: Ashley’s Closet for the unboxing plus I have another HOBO order coming in a few days! Their 25% off sale gets me every time!
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  10. I like the style, what leather is it?
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