Unborn twins save cancer mum

  1. Wow what a truly lucky and brave lady, I am so glad that she has two beautiful children and her health.

    Unborn twins save cancer mum


    By staff writers | February 06, 2008

    A WOMAN has avoided a deadly battle with cervical cancer after her unborn twins kicked the tumour so much it dislodged.

    London woman Michelle Stepney was pregnant with the twins when doctors discovered that she had cervical cancer after she was admitted to hospital for a possible miscarriage, the BBC has reported.

    The broadcaster reported that after refusing to undergo the recommended chemotherapy and hysterectomy – which would have ended her pregnancy – doctors at the Royal Marsden Hospital told Mrs Stepney that the tumour had dislodged.

    “I couldn’t believe it when the doctors told me that the babies had dislodged the tumour,” Mrs Stepney said.

    “I’d felt the kicking but I didn’t realise just how important their kicking would turn out to be.”

    Despite having the tumour “kicked off”, the proud mother underwent “limited” chemotherapy during the pregnancy.

    Four weeks after the birth of her twins, the proud mother had a hysterectomy before receiving the all-clear from doctors.

    “I owe my life to my girls, and that’s why I could have never agreed with the termination.”

    Mrs Stepney has since been nominated for a “Woman of Courage Award” by Cancer Research UK.
  2. aww... that is such a heartwarming story. glad that the mother and her babies are happy and healthy now!
  3. Wow, that's unbelievable. So glad that they are all ok. I love a happy ending.:smile:
  4. that's so sweet! i guess this sort of counts as a miracle, doesn't it?
  5. This is a beautiful story!

  6. I would say so!!!

    Great Story!
  7. How sweet!
  8. it's refreshing to read heart warming stories:love:
  9. What a fabulous story!
  10. Aw that's a really sweet story, especially after the other mother's story that didn't end up so well :sad:
  11. What an inspiring story, I guess sometimes things are just meant to be !
  12. Now that is a true miracle.
  13. Picture the twins kicking the tumour, "get out of our mum!!". How sweet!!
  14. What a story. Am confused on how they kicked off a cervical cancer though???
  15. ^ I guess it was a curable form of cervical cancer that needed surgery. The kick then somehow was a precise surgical kick that excised the tumor.