UNBELIVABLE!!! Prada's website update!!!!

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  1. I can't belive my eyes!!!
    Prada's website features now a "pdf lookbook" about the new collection....
    Not properly a full website, but something more than the usual single pic.

  2. Thanks for posting! Checking it out now...
  3. Cool.
  4. Oh Cool!! Page 34 is the bag my friend fell in love with in NYC -- the one with the fringey strap!
  5. Finally!!!
    Thanks for posting Brina. =)
  6. Minette as soon as I saw that I thought of your post!!! :P
  7. about time they started a decent web site..LOL
  8. Now, dear Prada.com's webmaster, give us an updated store locator!
  9. mmm something is wrong -- it downloads but doesn't launch to adobe reader -- wonder what it is? I have IE7 I get that little hand and nothing but the first page to look at ....
  10. Finally! :rolleyes: Never figured out why they didn't have a proper webpage.

  11. Right click on the first page and you'll see your options. All you need to do to turn the pages is hit your right arrow key.

    That being said, I'm glad I'm not an haute couture kinda gal. That stuff is just plain WEIRD!!! :yucky:
  12. Well it is a start!!
  13. Thanks -- it's interesting -- she started out with really boxy shapes and now seems to be heading back that way, no embellishment for the most part, the drape of the clothes seems to mimic the drape on some of the bags. It'll be interesting to see this collection move out onto people -- who will wear it, how, don't you think?
    I own a lot of her shoes and clothes but these aren't styles that are going to work for me, which is frankly a relief as I need to give the clothes budget a rest !!
  14. I have always wondered why Prada has an inactive website for that long really :confused1: I love this label and am glad there's more than just that ONE picture all the time!:tup:
  15. wow that took a very LONG time for them to finally get a real site going. thanks for letting us know, i would have never thought of clicking back there after all this time.