Unbelievably bad Tory Burch shoe quality!

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  1. My coworker just showed me what happened to her 6 month old Tory Burch pumps she bought at a B&M TB store in town. I didn't even know pumps can do that. She only wears them around the office.

    Here are a few pics I shot at her desk. It's more appalling in person. I just wanted to let people know before buying! TB shoes are just not worth the price.

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  2. Close up

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  3. Did she get her heel caught on a subway grate or something? That's the *only* time I've ever had something like that happen to a shoe!
  4. ive had something similar happen to a pair of Rebecca Taylor wedges years ago.
    The back opened up just like that.

    The problem was that the nails that they used to attach the sole to the heels was too short (how stingy) and the cobbler re-attached them with longer nails.
  5. A good cobbler can repair them. I had a pair of Sergio Rossi booties that did this about 3or 4 years ago.
  6. TB show quality isn't great. I've got a pair of TB flats. Wore it less than 5 times and the sole came out in the front. Had to bring it to a cobbler who said that he sees loads of TB shoes being brought in to be fixed.
  7. I slipped in someone's coffee they spilled on the stairs. My new Manolo Blahnik heels looked the same. The Dallas cobbler was able to fix them right up.
  8. Tory Burch used to have a great repair/service dept. I had a pair of boots that the TB emblem fell off. I contacted them & they don't repair anymore. I have had good luck w/some pairs & not so good look with others. Wish they still had customer service/repair dept.
  9. I've had to take multiple Tory Burch flats/sandals/boots to Shoe Repair, for a myriad of different reasons. But I used to walk them all over Manhattan so maybe they're just not meant for that much walking.

  10. Who's your cobbler? =o Been wondering about good cobblers in the Dallas area.
  11. I've only had that happen once and I should've seen it coming. I was standing around our office talking with people, totally not paying attention, and was leaning back on the heel (putting at the weight right on the tip in a forward motion towards the toe) and had one snap. Like others have said, it was an easy fix for the cobbler.
  12. My heel just broke in the same spot on my Tory Burch pumps. Very disappointed with their quality! Last year I had to get my boots repaired because the zipper snapped off. I too only wear these in the office and have had for under a year.
  13. Deno's Of Highland Park

    Highland Park Village, 62 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX 75205
    (214) 521-1070

    I can drop them off at my local Neiman Marcus in Ft worth and they ship all my shoes over to them. They have repaired many of my shoes...even ones I thought lost.

  14. Thanks!!
  15. He is a great cobbler, but turn around time is usually really long, so I decided to use someone else in Plano and totally regret it now, he almost ruined my isable marants!!