Unbelievable - Website selling counterfeits for sale on ebay

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  1. I am stunned that ebay even has a category for : Businesses & Websites for Sale. There are NOW 7537 listings in the category.

    I would venture an opinion that NONE of them are legitimate and some poor soul is going to be SCAMMED.

  2. Start reporting it using the "Report this item" link at the bottom; choose "Prohibited (banned items)" then "Other prohibited (banned) items" and then "Other prohibited items." In the brief description write that the item for auction encourages illegal activity because it is a website that sells counterfeit designer accessories.

    Among fBay's prohibited items are those that "encourage illegal activity." Selling counterfeits is illegal. Furthermore, it is fraudulent because the website claims the items are authentic (see below).

    From fBay:

    eBay prohibits the sale of items or links to items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity. eBay also prohibits buyers from requesting or encouraging sellers to break any applicable laws. In addition, eBay may remove listings as requested by law enforcement to cooperate with any investigation or to prevent harm to eBay and its members.

    From the website being sold:


    DesignerOutletBoutique.com guarantees you that all of our products are 100% authentic and brand new or your money back.

    We are famous [famous? after only six months since opening? has anyone heard about it? ridiculous] for specializing in high end designer handbags, wallets & accessories. The items are the same as those sold in boutiques. Each item includes its original packaging and certificate of authenticity cards (please see product description for what comes with each individual product).

    We ONLY deal with reputable resellers and authorized vendors.

    This enables us to offer our products at a huge saving of the retail price.

    We encourage all customers to give us a chance to experience our super quality products.

    DesignerOutletBoutique.com is a reputable Yahoo Store.
  3. Despicable!
  4. Oh darn it.. now it's "Invalid Item"! Wonder who did that???? :roflmfao:
  5. LOL

    I noticed all completed listings have been pulled as well.

    Here's the seller's id - warning, stay away!



  6. I reported the auction...did anyone else report it?
    Probably, kuZ there's no way (is there?) fBay would remove it based on one report...
  7. Oh well, at least it's taken care of.