Unbelievable, Someone Get It!!!

  1. Dear Ladies,

    I was calling Karen to check on the tracking no. of my packages, and she told me that she has gotten in 1 Med. Black classic w/GOLD, cavier still at $1595. Since I've bought a lot (YES a lot) during the past week, I am going to pass on this one... She put it under my hold in case I change my mind...

    She can be reach at 973-912-0080, she said she'll be there til 7:00pm EST today!!!

    Someone get it and pls. post your pictures so we may share your JOY!!!

    Good Luck!!!
  2. Oh, somebody get this! THanks for posting this Morgan!
  3. Morgan, you are a BAD influence!!!!!!! I'm seriously contemplating this!

    Thanks so much for putting it on hold, hopefully someone here will get it!
  4. Dear Mello:

    I am NOT kidding, if it wasn't because I've gotten like 16 Chanel+other Chloe and Fendi in the last 2 weeks, I am tempted TOO as I do NOT have this style....

    I've spent Beyond my budget for the 2 Birkins.... DH doesn't see the bill :whistle:, or else :rant:
  5. Dear Ladies,

    I've got my tracking and Karen offered me another Petite Shopping Tote in GOLD w/Cavier/Black.

    I am not into this style, so if someone like it, Call her and she said she'll hold it for me if I change my mind....
  6. does she work in NM?? Saks, chanel boutique?
    that might be helpful to post.

    also, NM hasnt updated their prices as of yet. so call NM people.
  7. I also have a large/medium caviar classic with gold h/w on hold at NM if anyone is interested. PM me for the SA contact.

    Also at the same NM, they have large/med lambskin in blue/silver and dark beige/gold classic. Plus E/W lambskin in this really pretty coral color.
  8. Dear Wearsdasamethin:

    Thank you. YES, she works for NM and she was 1 of the SA that I've been buying Chloes from and last week 10 Chanel before the price hike....

    She just called me again and CONFIRM they are changing the prices on each bags as well as their system, but these 2 bags under my hold is still being honor at the old price due to my over-buying, so they are making an exception til 7:00pm EST.


    She's at 973-912 0080, ctc: Karen in handbags.
  9. Morganng - 10?

    wow ... I thought I was bad with 4! Congrats! looking forward to seeing pics!
  10. wow! Good Deal!

    Wish they had silver hardware, then I would have no other choice but to get them...
  11. Wow...did someone get this?????????
  12. Someone grab it !!!!!
  13. Dear Friends,

    Ok, just got my no. 16 today, it is NOT the blk w/gold but it's the blk w/silver. NOT the traditional style though, but still in the classic family, I believe?!

    I'll post picture soon... Got to wait til DH is off-site....

    Som of you more knowledgeable ladies, pls. educate me as I am still quite new to Chanel and knowing how to buy doesn't mean you know what you are buying, right?!

    I hope someone from the forum got the blk w/gold as I have NOT talk to Karen for couple days...

    Happy V-Day to ALL,
  14. ^ Congrats Morgan!!!! Can't wait to see pics!
  15. 10?!? i am so envious... please post pics of your purchases, so i can share your joy with u.