Unbelievable on Ebay of Dior!! *angry*

  1. Hi ladies, it's been a while since I've been back on the purse forum.
    I'm usually at the balenciaga or louis vuitton section but in the beginning of this year, I set my eyes on the new dior gaucho (larger) size.

    I did an eBay search on it hoping to get better prices and guess what..
    all the gauchos that came up..ALL OF THEM..are FAKES!! and the bids go up to as high as hundreds of dollars..

    I keep reporting but they just keep coming back!!

    I'm sooo mad..I can't believe ALL the gauchos there are fake..(actually..except for one in the store) but still..that's 99% fake gauchos on eBay..

    it just frustrates me how all the fake ones claim to be 100% authentic too!!!:tdown:

    I'm sooo angry!! how do you ladies feel about this?
  2. It is quite frustrating I agree. I was going to purchase a gaucho on eBay until the ladies here warned me that most are fakes. :sad:

    So... I'm still looking for a gaucho in my price range... this might take a while
  3. I don't think the authentic ones came up often but they do come up. I am quite irritated that the obvious fake ones went up like 400pounds and over, I was like what????? Nevertheless, I got my mini gaucho in red from eBay. Cost me £320 though but I think it was worth it. Absolutely adorable.

    Hope you will find the Gaucho soon.
  4. And it is especially sad when people like me - new to the world of designer bags - are fooled to buy 100% authentic junk ... What amazes me even more is all of the internet shops that claims to sell new authentic bags for 1/4 (or lower) of the retail price, and that people fall for it!

    However, check the thread with ebay findings, there are a couple of Gaucho's out there, but perhaps not exactly the one you are looking for.
  5. I used to stress over it...but then i started thinking hey if people are stupid enough to believe all the stories about sources from factory or prices for real bags being 80% lower than in the shops its their problem ..if they are smart enough to use ebay to bid, they should be smart enough to read the guides available on the same ebay even, if not make a little bit more research on the net, google is not exactly rocket science...so i dont feel sorry for them anymore, if there were no buyers, the fake sellers would just go bankrupt.:rolleyes:
  6. :tup: too true nat!!
  7. yeah..it's so sad that you have to be soo careful and be not trusting of someone so easily over the internet these days!! whether it is bags..or even like online dating o.o my friend got tricked for a year before she realized that the internet guy was just playing her :sad:
  8. thanks sasha! yeah, it is just frusting to see how high the fake ones go for!! that is how some ppl in the world make their big bling blings but it really isn't right!:throwup:
  9. enraged....no one would want to be "lied" to in a sale....
    and im sure alot of you ladies have baught a fake mistakenly through a bad seller....and it sucks!!!! but theres really not much we can do, cause even if we do report them, etc, fakes will still be around everywhere and we can never clean them all out. they're like weeeds in ur yard
  10. It seems like it's an ongoing trend on eBay. There are sellers listing fakes and marketing them as "100% authentic" and even will offer to send you the original receipt (this of course was counterfeited too). :cursing:

    All I can say is keep looking and make sure you authenticate a bag (through tPF or otherwise) before bidding. It's the safest way to protect yourself. I bought an authentic gaucho (med. white) on eBay with the help of MayDay on tPF for almost 1/2 the retail. Sorry to say I don't carry this bag enough and ended up selling mine as well...
  11. I know, it's so sad. I've seen bags of all brands, mainly Chanel going for upwards of $500, and they're FAKE. I think to myself "How can you not tell that this is a fake?!?!?" I feel really sorry for the poor people that get scammed, but there's not much we can do about it. sad to say.
  12. but then they are asking to be scammed...how can you not do research before you pay such an amount of money not in store???:confused1::s:nogood:
  13. Hello Everyone,

    I completely agree! I also feel very sad for the few sellers out there who do sell only authentic items. I mean, I get so many questions about "how can I know for sure this is authentic?"... I always try and give it my best when responding to a potential buyer, but I completely understand where they are coming from. I mean...there are so many fake's out there and truly how can a buyer know for sure.

    In addition, I create eBay guides (and even link to them right within my auctions to help spread the word)! I hope to help those who are looking to purchase an authentic Dior bag in order to make a small dent in the fake's market (I am hoping if a buyer quickly knows how to tell a fake from an authentic bag they will not buy the fake, which will make a tiny...I know it may be very tiny...dent in the fake's being sold out there!). best wishes! :flowers:
  14. It's absolutely disgusting! Ebay are so ineffective, on the other hand I cant count how many authentic ones that they've pulled down. Total novices