1. I am HOOKED on Rebecca Minkoff bags. I went on RebeccaMinkoff.com to check out which stores carry her purses and noticed on in my neiborhood, Cami in Manhattan Beach. I zipped over there this morning and bought four bags the deals were too amazing for me to pass up. She is getting the Spring line soon, but she still has a couple of Dream Bags for $365!!!!!

    She also has other things on sale like Hayden Harnett Bungalow for $262 and a GORGEOUS Bulga for $515 down from $725!!!!

    I got soooo excited I took pictures!

    Cami, the owner, is a native New Yorker who lives and thrives in Manhattan Beach. Her store is new and she is not online but if you want some amazing purses at amazing prices, email her at Camistyle@yahoo.com or call her at (310) 545-2265.

    I can't believe I got FOUR Rebecca Minkoffs! :yahoo:

  2. OH my goodness!!! Lucky gal!!! They are so gorgeous, congratulations!!!!!
  3. Haute Okole, is that a pewter Nikki i see on the bench?

    Do you know if they have a night blue nikki at that store? I am dying to get my hands on one...
  4. what a fabulous haul!
  5. That is indeed a Pewter Nikki and the matching make-up bag, which I am now the proud owner!!! She did not have a night blue Nikki in the store, but you should call and see if she can get ahold of one for you!
  6. hey that phone number is disconnected!
  7. OH NO!!! MY BAD! The number is 310 545-2264!
  8. ^Hey girl, apparently you bought everything out! LOL! Great find. You have to post pics, ok!:heart::yes:
  9. Dang, I wish I'd known! Cami is in my 'hood too, I went there once when it first opened (in December) and Cami is super cool and sweet. The store is tiny but has really cute stuff (unfortunately at the time that I went, nothing was on sale yet). I'll definitely be checking it out again, thanks the the heads up haute okole.
  10. congratz on the great find!!! enjoy it! they all look a wonderful... and what a good variety!
  11. that matinee is soo pretty!
  12. Yes thats what she said when I called too!! haha hope you enjoy your find.
  13. What a nice haul! Congrats! Love the MA bag in the middle. Is it MAB or MAM? What color is it?
  14. Congratulations! Maybe after that haul, she will give you a big fat discount on a spring bag. Love the wine matinee!!!:tup:
  15. Lucky you! Great haul!