Unbelievable but true...

  1. It was my birthday yesterday, and my purse/shopping/Hermès hating husband gave me.......a BEARN WALLET!!!!:nuts: :nuts: I don't think I've ever been so surprised in all my life!!!! And he even went straight to my SA and dealt with her. He knew what she looks like because she goes to the same supermarket as I do, some of you may remember I wrote a thread about it, and a short while ago we met her there, so I entroduced them.....He told me laughing, that when he was in H, she told all the other SA's that he was my DH!! I still can't get over this; none of you know him, so it's difficult to understand my astonishment, but beleive me, I would never in a million years have imagined that this could have happened!!!

    Anyway, to go back to the Bearn, it's Mysore in Etoupe, not really my cup of tea; I like Etoupe in a bag (I've got the Masai) but a wallet I would like in a fun color.....neutral bags and color inside, that's my motto... My DH said it was the only one they had at the moment, and my SA said I had a bag in that color so I might like the wallet ( he didn't even know I have a bag in Etoupe!) So I'll take it back, and wait for other colors to arrive.....
  2. Happy Birthday!

    There's nothing better than celebrating a thoughtful and loving husband (thoughtful comes first or loving come first LOL)!

    Hope a Bearn in the colour you desire come sooner than later.

    I know it's all personal choice and all that, but it was for me, I would keep the etoupe Bearn. Only because it came from DH. :heart:
  3. Aaaaawwwww, Duna! I love etoupe in mysore, the spine's not so obvious. *shudder* That's great that he surprised you like that. Give the wallet some thought, though.
  4. Happy Birthday to you, too, Duna :yahoo:
    I can totally understant how you feel !! My DH is not so digging about my H fever either, I wonder how I would react if he does this to me :rolleyes: :love:
    Etoupe in Mysore must be very pretty !! But I also like more colorful accessories :heart: especially when most of your bags are in neutral color.
  5. Happy Belated Birthday.

    You are so lucky to have such a sweet husband!
  6. Really?? I thought it was a bit dull.... I'll have a better look at it, before I decide....
  7. The wallet must be beautiful and that is so sweet of your husband!
    Happy Bday Wishes to You Duna!
  8. Thanks girls, your'e all so sweet!!!!:heart:
  9. Congrats! Happy birthday to you! Please post pictures!!!!!!!
  10. Happy b-day and isn't it nice when dh really surprises the heck out of us!! What a great gift....and hg to I take it you don't care for the "spine"?
  11. Yeah, not a big fan of the "spine".:s I posted once why and I don't want to traumatize anyone else again.:shame: Chevre lovers, please don't flame me!:sad:
  12. congrats! what a thoughtful husband! I am also longing for a Bearn wallet, lucky you!
  13. happy bday duna! and what a sweet husband! give the wallet much thought before exchanging, your DH may get offended and might not get you another H present in the future, IMO. that is a pretty color, btw!
  14. LOL, I remember HG's reason for disliking the spine! :lol:

    Duna, congratulations! It's definitely the thought that counts but I'm sure your husband or SA won't be offended if you exchange it. It's another excuse to visit the shop! :graucho:

  15. You have a wonderful and thoughtful DH :yahoo: :heart: :heart: