Unbelievable bluefly!

  1. I saved a bag to my bluefly account on my computer and when I looked at the account info it was someone else's info!!! I logged out and logged back in with my email and password but the bag is still in her cart.

    I think it was acegirl from the PF. I PMed her about it. Can you believe that?????????????????????????????
  2. Well, she PMed me and apparently she had another Pucci bag in her cart (but not the navy) that she did not put in there. That means somehow her account info got mixed up with more than one other person's account. She's cancelling her info. Scary! Be careful people.
  3. Hey! Got you PM & PM'd you back. Again, thanks so much for letting me know. Can you imagine if someone else (& not a great fellow PF'er;) ) got my info!? I had 3 CC #'s on my account! I have deleted them all now. I'm swearing off Bluefly. This morning has been an omen!
  4. What is happening with bluefly? I used to love it, but after all the things that went wrong today, I am very leary!
  5. I know, what are the odds huh? I saw the email ID acegirl and thought...I know that name from the PF. And I guess it was a sign for me too since I was tempted by that navy balenciaga...but apparently someone else has it now. Lucky for my wallet, esp if it's a fake!
  6. OMG that's scary!!! Good thing it was a PFer and could notify before anything bad happened... man... I'll have to be careful with bluefly from now on too!!! Oh well, all the better... shouldn't be shopping anyways. :sad:
  7. Wow - that's pretty scary. I'm deleting my CC info right now as well!
  8. Wow! please let us know how all of this turns out. Very scarry!
  9. WOULD YOU BELIEVE that another PF'er just emailed me & said she was on Bluefly, put (or deleted) something in her cart. When she checked it, MY ACCOUNT pulled up again! If 2 people from PF have seen my account info, can you imagine how many weirdos & crooks could have seen it?! I called Bluefly to complain about it & stressed what a "creepy" feeling it is. They weren't at all apologetic & told me to change my password & delete my credit cards. Luckily, I had deleted my CC info earlier when I was contacted the first time. I asked what the point of changing my password was when everyone was accessing my account WITHOUT the password! Anyway, I went into my account & deleted everything else I could. I also changed my address to a bogus address. If anyone else is on Bluefly & sees an account for Melissa Hall, please tell me. Im going to call & demand they delete my account totally. What a day! I think I need a glass of wine :weird:
  10. Wow that is horrible. I almost couldn't believe it when i saw that it was your account, not mine. That is horribly negligent security. If I were you I would raise the roof!
  11. After finishing the above post, I went onto Bluefly to check again. Even though I changed my password, as directed, someone had put 2 new bags into my shopping bag! I called Bluefly AGAIN & they disabled/locked my account.
  12. i just deleted my credit card info too. THANK GOD i've been reading this all day, how awful is all of this. Bluefly doesn't ask for any additional info at all, like the sec number or anything. this is CRAZY.
  13. ps. i second the wine thought.
  14. ^ Good thing!

    Also, you guys may want to check the bluefly thread on Seller's Watch

    It doesnt look good for that site....
  15. How do the accounts even get co-mingled like that? I can't even figure out the logistics of how it could happen!