Unbelievable bargain!

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  1. I managed to snag this deerskin gauffre 50% off during the Prada sale thanks to my great SA. Thank goodness I did not pay full price when I first saw it in the spring! I also got a dark green deerskin bowler style bag 50% off!


  2. WoW She is gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!! How much did you pay and which prada store did you get this purchase??
  3. Retail was $2700 (approx) so I paid 50%. I got both bags from the Prada at Madison Avenue (212-327-4200) before Christmas so I am not sure if they still have anything left. Worth a call though. :yes:
  4. Oh it's gorgeous! Lucky lucky girl! Congrats on your wonderful buy! :tup:
  5. you're so lucky! pictures of the other bag too? (:
  6. very gorgeous. Love the color!
  7. what a steal and gorgeous bag:drool:
  8. Thats awesome - post a pic!
  9. What an unbelievable deal! Congratulation!!!
  10. I love it! well done :tup:
  11. Beautiful bag! Love the color! :tup:
  12. Lucky, lucky girl! Congratulations on an amazing find!
  13. Love the color. Beautiful, Cougess! Great bag, great deal!
  14. Wow! Gorgeous bag...and such a deal! You win the prize as "Shopper of the Day"!

  15. Holy smokes!!!!!!! Now that's a deal!!!!!! Sooooooo lovely!!!! Congrats girl..you done good lol!!!!