Unbelievable Asking Price - Should I Say Anything?

  1. Amazing. Someone is actually putting a BIN with immediate payment required for a Fiore Elaina Tote for $1000!!! She has a starting price of $285 or so, that hasn't met the reserve price. To me, obviously, you'd have to know that Elaina Totes aren't going for that ANYWHERE - but that takes a lot of hootsba. I feel like saying something to her, but I'm sure I'll just get my head bitten off like "if you don't like it, don't buy it." Obviously, but I still think it's really disgusting. Buyers Beware!:wtf:

  2. I would probably stay out of it--hopefully other potential buyers will do their research and realize what a rip it is.
  3. You shouldn't say anything. What would be the point? She may or may not get the asking price.
  4. The listing says that the original purchase price was $895. Hopefully, potential buyers will read this and realize that they are paying more than retail to do a BIN.

  5. Check out the subtle play on words! :busted

    BRAND NEW! Isabella Fiore WhipFlash Revival-Elaina Tote. Perfect for the spring or summer. Original purchase price is $895.00.

  6. Uh oh someone beat me to it. Hats off to you!:welcome:
  7. This happens often with really hot bags. Sellers figure that buyers are willing to pay a premium to have the bag right now. I've seen it often with limited edition Louis Vuitton bags particularly, maybe others have seen it with other brands.
  8. Eh. The Elaina's been around for awhile. Well, whatever. Buyer Beware.:shrugs:
  9. I would never say anything.

    That is their perogative to sell it for whatever they want. It is up to a buyer to decide how much they are willing to pay for something they really want.

    Plus her starting bid is very low with a reserve. Maybe her reserve is whatever she paid for it.

    All seems very fair to me.
  10. Hmmm..I suppose - but if you look at what Elainas sell for on eBay (then and now), it's not for much. I think it was an incredibly heavy bag. Eh - I'm done worrying about it. Greed just gets the better of some.
  11. Do you think we'll see a relist on this?:tispy:
  12. I wouldnt say anything.
  13. My policy is that it is the sellers business what they want to ask for anything. It is the buyers responsibility to know what they are buying. Its called capitalism.
  14. I had that bag. Bought it for 600 on eBay....and sold it 6 months later for 375. It is an incredibly heavy bag.

    1000.00 LOL Don't you think she deserves 1000 for her hard work of one extra picture and a 2 line description. Heck...I had 6 pics...I should have got 6000.00:amazed:
  15. Hoo Hooooo!!!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: