Unbelievable (almost) Motorcycle Jacket

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  1. Rewind to last spring and Chanel's motorcyle jacket offered in lambskin (hard as nails to find) and the wool blended version.
    If you loved it but missed it or returned C's wool blended version, rush to the GAP ladies for they have it in a heavy cotton that doesn't itch (no wool blend). It zips asymmetrically up the front, has the zippers at the wrist and vertical side zip pockets.

    I'm not one to sing the praises of knock offs but frankly C's itched me to death as they "forgot" to line the thing. By some miracle I located the lambskin one in NY and was an expensive have to have piece.

    The Gap jacket is under $60. For the money, it's a steal, literally and figuratively. (You knew there would be a great punch line coming, right?)
  2. sounds interesting - have a picture?
  3. Would like to see a pic too!
  4. Is it the "Knit Moto" jacket?
  5. I'm curious about this Gap jacket too.

    Btw, I don't like unlined wool jacket either. The material makes me itch and without lining will kill me.
  6. lol

  7. Yes, it comes in black and imho, looks better in black. The zippers stand out in the black one so a lot more contrast. The taupe color is definitely not a color I can wear.

    What struck me is this Gap jacketl has finished seaming inside just like the Chanel (w/wool jersey) did. It has a fleece feel to it so great for cool days.
  8. wow! what a great price! seriously thinking about getting it in black...
  9. the black is out of my size!:sad:
  10. There's 30% off regular price..starts 9/30-10/03

    online code: GCSTYLE
  11. i think black is out of stock except XS....
  12. Love it! Only avail in xl now though...
  13. Its out of stock again! I'd love to see it before I try to find it in store.
  14. Everything is gone. Can't even see the pic now.