Unbelievable-2nd time trying to sell my bag & potential buyer tries to give me virus!

  1. I know everyone has had horror stories trying to sell lately, so i guess we can just add mine to the pile and hopefully it will serve as a warning to anyone else who gets a message like this. he wrote me this message last night:


    I would like to purchase this item for a friends birthday once payment has been completed what is the quickest method of shipment that you can provide for me? Please let me know asap.


    Any time a buyer mentions buying for a "friend", I get a little leery, but I replied, saying yes, I could overnight it to him no problem. Then I got this message back (***TPF'ERS, PLEASE DON'T CLICK ON LINK BELOW - IT WILL GIVE YOU A VIRUS!):


    That sounds good. Also I am not sure if this item that
    you are selling is the same exact one that my friend
    wants for their birthday can you open up the pic in
    the link and let me know.Here is the link



    When I clicked on it, I got a window asking me if i wanted to 'run' a program. I quickly hit no and wrote back that I couldn't open his attachment. I spoke to a computer wiz friend of mine who said that if I had clicked yes, a Windows control panel would've opened up that would have made your PC into a spam bot (sending out spam). At this point, I shouldn't be surprised, but this guy has 578 feedbacks, all positive. He mostly sells though (jeans, boots, jackets - mostly men's stuff). I don't know why he would target me, and I don't know why he would put his own account at risk (i'm of course going to report him) -- unless it's retaliation from the last buyer of this bag who had accused me of shill bidding. Could be her friend I suppose. Lordie, I am so OVER eBay. :tdown::tdown: Please guys, watch out for emails like this!!!
  2. Wow, sorry for all the troubles you have been having. I would definitely report this to eBay.

    Maybe the link should be removed so people don't click on it by accident.
  3. yikes. maybe he was targetted and it spammed you? or maybe it doesnt work that way?
  4. Yes, this is risky. I just wrote to Vlad asking him to remove it.
  5. Hi there,

    I had a person send me viruses once when I asked if they would do a BIN for a bunch of collectibles they had listed in the same auction. They had a reserve and wouldn't share the amount it was set for (you know the "What's it worth to you" bit). I sent an offer and he replied with all sorts of weirdo clipart/biker images with viruses. It blew my mind and infuriated me so I reported it to eBay. Shockingly they didn't do anything as they could not accept attachments - hence no proof of viruses for them.

    Some people are a waste of oxygen. Really.
  6. my tech nerd wiz friend said his account was probably hijacked... probably by using the same scheme on him that they tried to use on me
  7. Please report this user to ebay, enquiries should be made about him. Why do we spend so little time ebaying and so much time dealing with nonsense like this!?
  8. That's terrible. Did you report him?
  9. Just reported it... seriously, i have spent HOURS over the past couple of weeks trying to make an honest sale of this bag. it is just not worth it.
  10. Wow! A new way to scam! Thanks for the warning.
  11. It sickens me. We are no longer safe sitting at home in front of our computers..:cursing: ( My account was hijacked once, I has 12 porsches for sale )
  12. It just gets worse and worse. I'm glad you figured it out before any harm was done. Thanks for the warning.
  13. Never had a hijacking or psycho buyer. *knock on wood*

    If all goes well during this eBay strike, I may never have to worry again!
  14. Yes, be careful of generic-sounding emails that simply say "the item" instead of specifically mentioning your product. That is a red flag that it is some type of scam!
  15. My account was too, last year, for someone to post a fake auction for a Lamborghini! Why is it always hot sports cars? Those silly tech geeks!!! I had to explain how I do not own, nor ever have owned such a car (hahaha) (I am a teacher, for goodness sake!)