unbearable pelvic pain, did u get that?

  1. now it hurts to just even walk around. i started having this probably at early 30 week and i am 38 week now. i hope this is normal. i need to bring this up to the OB tomorrow coz it's getting really uncomfy just to walk around..:tdown:
  2. Good idea to bring it up to the OB. Something similar happened to my friend with her first child, and it was because she overproduced the hormone relaxin. It's what causes the pelvic bone to widen before the birth and prepares the cervix, too. She started feeling pains around week 26.
  3. I had this pain with both pregnancies. It was called SPD Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

    The pain started for me in the 2nd trimester for my first baby.. the pain was really bad. I had pain doing the most mundane things, like putting on your pants. I couldn't lift a leg without horrible pain. It even hurt to turn over in bed! I also felt like my bones were popping in my pelvis. EWW.. it was a weird feeling..

    The second baby was not so bad starting in the beginning of my third trimester and not causing so much trouble. It only hurt while I was walking, or doing activities.

    Good news for you is that If you have this It immediately goes away after you give birth! Well, It did for me anyway :smile:

    Def. let your doc know that you are having these symptoms..
  4. Yes!! It was horrible!! I couldnt even sit up for too long. Wow...I forgot all about that. I hope you give birth soon! It'll go away right after the baby is out.
  5. go see your doctor ASAP, it may be because you are so close to your due date
  6. thanks ladies, what would i do without you guys. i am going to see my OB today and bring up this issue and see what he has to say.
  7. it can also be round ligament pain. You didn't describe where it is exactly or what it feels like, but round ligmanet pain is very common, especially during "growth spurts".
  8. apparently everything i am experiencing is quite normal according to the OB~

    thanks everyone for the advice!
  9. I'm in a lot of pain if I walk much or try to do housework like vaccuming or mopping, but in general I have a lot of just discomfort and dull cramping. The worst though is when I'm walking and my leg cramps and goes numb. My house is suffering because of it. But the Dr told me it's typical. I'm just glad I only have a few weeks left!

  10. yea, no worries and let's enjoy the last few weeks of our pregnancies together. i cant wait to have my baby soon :smile:
  11. Catabie, I have the same symptom, not unbearable but quite bad at times. The GYN says it's perfectly normal. But sometimes it's really annoying!!
  12. I am too. I am in my 36th week. But it already hurts alot to walking too much. But I think the worse is when U try to stand up after sitting for a while. Think that is when it hurst most. Ouch!
  13. I try a pre natal massage and it got better. Maybe U can opt for one and see wether it helps U or not?