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  1. Hi everybody,

    I am new to this forum and I only wished that I found this site before I purchased my new 'authentic' Chanel 2.55 bag for $420 from ebay. Sadly I have discovered that my chanel bag is not as authentic as I was lead to believe. I only realised this after finding your site and after taking a closer inspection of my purchase with all your excellent information. I purchased this bag about 6 weeks ago and thinking that is was 'real' I have only used it once and have just keep it under lock and key thinking that it was authentic. I have since discovered that the the screws used in this bag are the Phillip Head type, which am I correct in saying that Chanel only use the flat head type? Secondly, I found a piece of strap that had fallen into the back pocket which was a remnant of the threaded material through the gold metalware chain only to discover that is is actually vinyl!:cry: Also it appears to me that even though the outside of the bag is leather...the interior seems to be vinyl too. Are all Chanel 2.55 leather inside? Besides that there is no serial number inside even though I was given the authenticy holographic card and dust bag. I have today contacted this seller and am waiting for a reply. I would still like to own a chanel bag and am including a link if someone could kindly check and give me their opinion on the authenticity of these bags. I am really scared now to ever purchase off ebay again, and truely disappointed that this practice continues. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Authentic-Chanel-Black-Quilted-Flap-Bag-Classic_W0QQitemZ9333818585QQihZ006QQcategoryZ15729QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. The picture of the bag shows the flat head kind of screws... does your purse match the picture in the auction ?

    The auction states that the hologram inside matches the id card? Is there not a hologram inside the bag ?
  3. I looked at your auction and that seller has a history of selling fakes. The paddington he sold in his feedback was definitely a fake. Does your bag look like the pics in his auction? And yes the 2.55 bags are leather lined.
  4. :sad: Its fake.. Theres only 1 pic, but the dust bag is fake and the auth card is wrapped in plastic which is a no no :sad:
  5. Hi, welcome!

    Please only post authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! sticky at the top of this Forum.

    Best of luck!
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