Un-Sexiness of fashion models to men

  1. My SO forwarded me an interesting thread discussing how the top models right now, are masculine and not attractive to men.

    [Link below]

    Who finds sexy fashion models sexy?

    I personally agree. Almost all my "straight" male friends are physically attracted to more curvy feminine looking females than fashion model. Moreover, if you briefly examine any mens magazines (e.g. FHM, Stuff, Playboy) or adult models, they are way more feminine than fashion models.

    However, I think its doesn't really matter in the end because these models are selling clothes to females not men.

    Just wanted to post this to see what people think.
  2. I don't think many of the models on the runways nowadays look that great. Some of them are downright homely. It's not like 80s and 90s when you had these fabulous looking "supermodels" anymore. Maybe it's better that way for the designers, because people focus on the clothes rather than the model? :confused1:
  3. This reminded me of something I learned when I was still in school. A study was conducted where a group of males and females were to fill out a questionaire. The questionaire consists of 3 lines of figures. For men, their questionaire has the first two lines are of women in various stages of weight and the last line was of women in various stages of weight. THe women's questionaire is just the opposite.

    On the first line, the test subjects are to circle the figure that they feel correspond most to their ideal weight (in their opinion of course). On the second line, they are to circle the shape/weight of the figure that they think the opposite sex would like. On the third line, they circle the shape/weight of the figure indicating how skinny or heavy they would like the opposite sex to look.

    The results turned out to be quite interesting. It appears that men prefers women to be curvier than what women perceive to be their "ideal weight/size", whereas women actually prefer their men to be trimmer than what men thought was the ideal size for guys. My prof then half-jokingly said that women need to start eating while guys should start exercising more instead of being couch potatoes:lol:

    So I think it does make sense that guys may prefer women with more curves as opposed to women who are too skinny.:yes:
  4. Please. That's not a study. All I see is a long page of photographs and cheap insults.

    "... it is remarkable that she is even on this list!"

    "No comments are necessary."

    "Isabeli Fontana even has a moustache."

    "One wonders why the "most beautiful girl in the world" looks like an adolescent boy? For those who do not know, Tom Ford is a homosexual."
  5. I personally don't think runway models are sexier than let's say Catherine Zeta Jones or Beyonce. Most of them are too skinny IMO.
  6. I agree... most of the models are really just bony and not very attractive. But I don't agree with what they say about Heidi Klum. She is one of the few models who are not bone-thin (in fact, they didn't let her do runway shows at the beginning of her career, because she isn't thin enough). I think Heidi is gorgeous!
  7. I think it depends on who is looking at the pictures. Many men do like women that thin and "masculine" and many don't. It all depends on the individual. Many models aren't traditionally beautiful, they are a bit different and odd looking, but I think that's how the fashion designers want it to be, it draws more attention to them and the clothing...its like having a diamond encrusted clothes hanger :biggrin:
  8. I Love when my DH says, "that stick" is supose to be pretty! Thank goodness!
  9. I think it depends on what segment of the population you are talking about. There are certain parts of the population who are modelizers and who are encourage to be. Tastes can very much be influenced by your peers....
  10. Agree!
  11. I believe in "different strokes for different folks." to say a woman isn't attractive because she is too thin/fat is very superficial no matter how you spin it. (and I'm not talking unhealthily thin or fat here).
    Some men/women prefer thinner, some prefer a little more meat. Why does there have to be a difinitive standard? People get too caught up in this debate. Why insult anyone? What gets me is the people who write articles like this probably turn around and preach humanitarianism the next day. Its hypocritical.

  12. Seriously!!! Heidi no more looks like a guy than I do (take my word for it). She has a delicate face and a WOMAN'S body. How do they get "masculine" out of that?? :confused1:
  13. I'd go so far as to say that most men DO find models attractive and pretty. *shrugs* That's what I've always gotten...I don't know any guy who's looked at Heidi Klum and called her unnatractive and masculine! lol or Gisele...etc.
  14. Also media greatly affects the public's perception of beauty....
  15. Hmm. Interesting. As far as my guy friends, they all think models are fabulous!