Un-related Threads Being Started

  1. Hey everyone-

    It has come to our attention that there are threads being started that are not related to this sub forum. This sub forum is for discussion of Hermes, not any other topics that belong somewhere else on the forum. This would include birthday wishes, general chat, money talk, etc.

    Recently, there was a request for a separate section within Hermes for misc chat/general chat but Vlad and I said this is not allowed. This is not done because we are trying to be mean, it is because the forum already has other sections in place that will accommodate your needs. There are sub-forums for many topics for a reason... it keeps the forum running smoothly and keeps things organized.

    After we did tell you all that it is not allowed to start threads un-related to Hermes, there have been threads that have had to be moved which people blatantly knew did not belong here- even mentioned that it did not belong here in their responses. Please do not make it harder on us and the mods - this adds un-needed work and either way the thread will be put in the place it belongs in the long run. Seeing these threads, with remarks that people know it does not belong here, really is a slap in the face. Your H mods work really hard to keep this running properly, don't add more unnecessary work.

    I know many of you have grown close and feel very comfortable here- we are VERY happy to know this. Continue to discuss your love of Hermes with one another and learn more about each other within this section. Most of the time many threads will lead you to learn about people anyhow. PMing is always an option for birthday wishes or other talk. You do not have to visit other sub-forums if you chose not to, but in doing so you will limit yourself to no birthday wishes or general chat or anything else the forum has to offer.

    If this becomes an ongoing problem, there will have to be consequences. So please just stop doing it. It is simple and a rule that we would all love to see followed properly to show respect to us and your fellow members.

    Thanks everyone...

    Now continue talking about bags! :flowers:
  2. Sorry Megs!
  3. It is just a friendly reminder :yes:

    I understand how close you all are- so I know where it is coming from. Vlad, the mods, and myself just need all the rules to be followed.
  4. Thanks for the nice reminder Megs.
  5. Yup :yes:
  6. Thanks, I shall comply! Nice avatar btw.
  7. ^ Thanks! It is from the football game Vlad and I were at (more pics in General Discussion here) :yahoo:
  8. Just talk about bags? Well, for the other forums, it's possible but for Hermes no. Reason Hermes do not have new bags coming out every single season unlike other labels. And it's not everyday everyone will be getting a birkin. And majority of us here know more or less what we need to know about Hermes. Short to say, many of us here are 'OLD' members so asking questions like waiting list all that will not be asked anymore. It will only be asked by newbies. Newbies can always go to the special threads where precised information done with research has been posted. What else to talk about Hermes? So are threads like relationship breakdown, the thread created by ChloeSS is not relevant? Although it involved birkins, but the main issue is about her ex-boyfriend who is irresponsible and despicable man and pay back the loan. Hate those kind of man who two-time girls. So, I don't think there's anything wrong giving her advise and helping her to go through her problems. Right?:supacool:
  9. First of all, the thread with ChloeSS involved whether or not she should sell her birkin or get a loan to finance it. So, it was appropriately placed in the Hermes subforum.

    Second, Megs and Vlad have asked us NOT to start threads that are purely general discussion (ie. birthday wishes). This is their forum. We are their guests. There is a reason why it is organized the way it is- but regardless of whether or not you like that organization, as a member here you are bound to respect that. Hermes is no different than any other subforum here- it was designed for the sole purpose of discussing Hermes. If you want to discuss personal issues, then you must do so in the appropriate sub-forums. Surely, this should not be a problem for any of us inasmuch as a majority of the threads in Hermes are Hermes-related.

    This is not a difficult rule to follow, and out of respect for Vlad & Megs, I think it is the least we can do as their guests.
  10. Jag - you have a way with words and spoken so eloquently. I hope we have no further issues ahead.
  11. I'm new here and didn't even realize this was a rule, so I'm glad it has come up so that I don't do anything wrong.

    I was sitting here thinking of why people might like to have their well wishes, etc. within the Hermès section.... and that is because this is a HUGE forum and so active and it is more fun to share birthday wishes for those that we know or have seen posts from than a name that hasn't been seen before. Also,being able to discuss personal issues within a group that you know, is more comfortable than discussing among the entire huge group.

    Perhaps some day if the time is right, there could be a section on the designer forums for "anything goes" where birthday wishes, congratulations for achievements, personal advice, etc. could be exchanged.

    Just some food for thought. This forum is great as it is... very professionally moderated and I'm delighted to be part of it. Just wanted to share my two cents ..... Thanks so much!
  12. I stated the rules very clearly. There was no gray area. Anything that is posted and does not belong here will be moved. Please do not split hairs. Anything that doesn't fit in this sub forum has other places it fits, and if you do not want to share with everyone, send a PM.
  13. I never said I didn't respect their decision. I am very active in several online forums on various topics and was only trying to share my thoughts and analysis of why this might be important to people. Please don't put words in my mouth.

    I checked out your link and see that my thoughts have been expressed already. As they say, "great minds think alike"!! Thanks so much for the link. Much appreciated.
  14. I, in no way, meant to say that you did not. My apologies if it seemed like that.